Buying Nuts in Red Scarf and Pants

This girl is buying some nuts in a bright, eye-catching combination of red scarf and skinny pants..and her black manteau has some red embroidery on it too….good color choice.


Chain Print Scarf With Eyebrow Piercing

A classic in every way….gorgeous chain print scarf, one of my favorite prints, tied low with lovely blond hair flowing out of the front, an eyebrow piercing, heavy Northern-style make-up, and I think I even see a hint of yellow leggings! Love it!


Black Coats, Black Skinny Pants- Two Outfits

I am on vacation now for the last 2 weeks of the year…it feels good to just relax and enjoy my time with my husband and my family. I feel somewhat strange as well because I feel that a couple people I was really admiring for many years have become so distant from me…sometimes, I wonder why people prefer to hide their true selves and mislead others about who they are instead of being as honest as possible. I came to terms with some important things about myself when I realized that those people I knew were struggling with the same issues, yet those same people refused to admit their issues publicly, and I could never develop my relationship with them because I could never get through to their “true self”. In the end, I felt like I grew so much because of them, but they could not and cannot appreciate it…what can I say? Perhaps, one day, they will understand it….

Anyway, just wanted to get these philosophical musings out of my system…and post a couple cool outfits, both involving black manteaus and skinny pants. The lace-print scarf is beautiful, and so is the girl herself!


This outfit is pretty cool as well- especially the brown velvet pants tucked into tall brown boots and the scarf pushed back…so awesome!


P.S. I think the song below describes my feelings the best right now. Any music video shot in NYC = instant win! The clothes in this video is my typical style (I don’t wear just manteau-inspired things, after all)! :-)

Lovers on Motorbike With Sleeveless Coat

While this couple is not quite as rebellious as this one, for example, they are still pretty cool, and it’s nice to see the whole “sleeveless manteau with contrasting long-sleeve top underneath” style (in black and beige, respectively) still being worn. The light blue patterned scarf is moved back to show off light brown hair, and the jeans and Converse-style shoes are a nice comfortable touch.


Beautiful Fashions in Groups

I love seeing these beautiful groups of male and female friends just ahgning out and looking great….what an awesome message!

Of course, this being a manteau-focused blog, I must mention some of my favorite outfits…in group below, I love the beige belted trench coat most of all, as well as the blue winter boots with white fur…the orange short manteau is also cool, as it is paired with a grey leopard print scarf draped low.


The outfits here are all amazing in different ways…from the purple knit legwarmers to the knit striped open sweater and the leather coat with a gorgeous fur collar and a surgical mask (most likely, to protect one’s self from pollution or to protect others from a cold), everything is memorable and stylish.


Black Coat and Mustard Pants; White Long Coat With Mustard Scarf

The interesting thing about these outfits is the use of the mustard yellow color in both- on the left, it’s the color of the scarf with a circle pattern worn with the long white manteau, and on the right, it’s the color of the vaguely harem-ish pants worn with the black waterfall cardigan/coat and turquoise draped scarf. My only complaint is….the striped “Toms” style canvas shoes. I am not a big fan of those (tried to wear shoes like that once..and they were incredibly uncomfortable).


The Ombre Parka

It’s the only one I have seen so far… a parka coat with a furry collar covered in all sorts of shades and colors! Worn with a snood and black pants, it’s a cool, funky statement.


The Sign of Winter

The surest sign of winter for this blog is the resurgence of the (in)famous “hoodie over manteau” or “short jacket over manteau” combination! While esthetically not pleasing, it is functional and warm, and yes, I have been known to do that occasionally with some of my tunics and various hoodies.

Here’s a bright pink jacket (looks like Adidas with those blue stripes on the shoulders) worn over a blue manteau with jeans and a black scarf showing off red hair (by the way, I love that black coat with the furry collar in the background….more furry collars below).


…and here’s a grey hoodie with some pink writing worn over an olive green manteau, with black pants and matching snood and sneakers with huge Nike symbols on them. Both outfit have been quite sporty so far.


In contrast, this outfit is more formal and super-stylish, with the reddish-brown leather jacket being decorated with a gorgeous huge fur collar! It is worn over a longer black manteau with white stitching, jeans, pink sneakers (the only downside to the outfit), and a black snood tucked into the collar yet still pushed back. There are cucumbers in the bag and beautiful tile patterns behind the girl- what more can you ask for? :-)


Taking Photos With a Lace Overlay Manteau

These women are taking photos with professional-looking cameras while wearing very interesting outfits. Although the red sweater, the black lace overlay manteau (or could it it be a long top, like in this post?), and the mustard yellow scarf do not necessarily go together, it’s an inventive option.


Skater Manteau Style

Every subcultural fashion, such as punk, goth, hip-hop, and emo, can be translated into manteau style with wonderful results…skater style is no exception. The ripped jeans, sneakers, baggy hoodies, and t-shirts are universal; the low-draped scarves and the use of a elbow-length-sleeve top under the t-shirt to make the t-shirt, in essence, a manteau replacement is unique. I salute these girls for wearing this awesome style!



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