Some Awesome Close-ups

Sometimes I just feel like posting some random close-ups of girls in cool manteaus….so there you go!

This is a classic Burberry plaid silk scarf with blue edging, with red hair flowing through the front…these used to be huge in 2006-07 just when I got into the manteau styles.


Leopard print vs Burberry plaid print- two prints battling….which one is winning, in your opinion?


This scarf showcases another one of my favorite prints, the chain print…and it’s pushed back to show off long diamond earrings and blond hair.


Black manteau is fully unbuttoned and has a midriff-revealing top underneath (plus the black scarf exposes most of the girl’s blond hair!)..


Sorry for the really blurry pic, but I do like how the silk scarf is tied back to show off the butterfly hair pin and the red hair!


The lavender manteau is fairly regular (it is unbuttoned at the top to show a t-shirt underneath), but I like how the white scarf is worn fully open- the girl’s elegant metal earrings are fully visible.


That red manteau is sheer (you can see a bustier or maybe even a bra through it) and the dark burgundy scarf just enhances the lovely black curls. This girl definitely has a Rihanna-inspired style going on, and I love it!!!!


The blue dot-pattern sweater manteau is nice, but it’s the hair and the amazing make-up that I am really fascinated with…the heavy eyeliner and light pink lipstick I myself wear. This is not typical “Northern make-up”, which can get a little garish sometimes, but rather a calmer and classier version of it.


Colorblock Shrug Manteaus

This looks like an ad for one of those awesome underground manteau labels like Poosh..but actually, I am not sure where this comes from. All I can see is that you’ve got 4 awesome outfits consisting of a bright colored manteau and a color-block shrug over it, in all shades of pink, green, beige, gold, and orange. Two of the scarves are worn open too, with hair flowing fully out the front, and the ones that are not still show lots of hair (my favorite is the dark blue one).


The Green and Yellow Fence Strikes Again

What is it with this green and yellow fence? For some reason, lots of girls pass by it wearing awesome manteau styles and are photographed! If you don’t believe me, just look here..and here..and here... and even here!

Now once more, a lovely outfit has appeared by the yellow and green fence, this time a dark manteau paired with an awesome red and green ikat-print scarf. There is also a cool art installation on the bus shelter, which I have not seen before.


Pink Burberry Plaid Scarf in Northern Cafe

It’s too bad I didn’t have this photo yet when I was posting all those articles about Northern cafe culture…this picture would have fit in perfectly! It’s got it all- a beautiful wood-paneled quiet cafe, stylish bottles of flavoring on the glass shelves, paper cups of coffee on the table, and of course, the classic Burberry plaid silk scarf in its bright pink version, tied low and pushed back to show off dark brown hair


Diaphanous Scarf and Leggings

Just wanted to post a peek at one of the latest amazing offerings from Support Love- a sexy manteau outfit in the true sense of the word. The blue and red scarf is diaphanous, allowing the entire hairstyle to be seen..and so are the black swirl-print leggings. Add to that the black manteau, which is short and super-fitted, and you have one awesome rebellious and body-highlighting outfit, just the way I (and hopefully, you the reader, too) them!


Summer 2014 Manteaus – a Burst of Color Part II

Yesterdays, you saw Part I of these amazing summer 2014 manteaus- I am just astounded by the amount of bright, happy colors in this set.

Below is one of those awesome “scrunched/twisted hem” tunics, in black, worn with red and white plaid pants. I have seen these tunics a few times before (most notably, here, here, and here), and it’s nice to see that they are still around.


This black and red kimono-style manteau with spherical patterns is perfect for those that are into Japanese fashion.


Leggings are the most avant-garde and rebellious element of current manteau style, and it’s great to see them everywhere…especially in bright, eye-catching patterns such as galaxy swirl (which I personally do not have) and leopard (which I do have). Even the basic black leggings are well-represented here, worn with a beautiful black manteau with red and green silk panels on the puffed sleeves.


Yes, this is a Bushehr mask being worn with a kimono-style manteau in bright orange and blue graffiti-style print…how cool is that????


This photo offers a full view of the graffiti-print kimono. With its blue edging and the orange pants it is worn with, it is probably the most colorful manteau-style outfit I have seen this year (and one of the most colorful ever!). The turquoise manteau has a pretty belt (and reminds me of a tunic I used to have), while the yellow manteau has a beautiful deep-V neckline decorated with some bright colors.


Overall, this is one of the best fashion sets in manteau style so far- and I am very excited to see these kinds of colors and styles!

Summer 2014 Manteaus – A Burst of Color Part I

Part 1 of this photo set of summer 2014 manteau styles warms my heart immensely- I have never seen SO many bright-colored styles all at once before!

The black and red geometric-print and the dolman-sleeve flower-printed tunics are awesome and take me back to the days of soft jersey dress manteaus back in 2006-08 (the dolman-sleevd tunic is worn with super-modern shiny leggings though). There is also an awesome orange and blue plaid manteau paired with bright blue pants,…and so many awesome cowl-neck tops (that style is one of my favorites).


There is an interesting dress manteau in this picture, grey with a black circular neck and some black and white patterns on the hem and sleeves. The pink cowl neck top is pretty awesome, I must say..


I thought the mannequin looks like a man, which is strange (although I could see why they may have put it on a mannequin like this)…but the red and white plaid tunic without closures is pretty.


The blue and white plaid tunic has cool black inserts everywhere and a thin gold belt…but my eyes are drawn to the fuchsia dress manteau with huge gold studs and a draped neckline. Why can’t we have tunics like this here????


Finally, I am amazed by the three awesome tunics below! On the left is a classic jersey tunic in red with zebra-like inserts and dolman sleeves. In the middle is an awesome creation- it is basically a top built into a sweater! The top has red leopard print sections and ruffles on the hem, and the sweater is open and burgundy (I have both a long burgundy open cardigan AND a long red leopard print tunic, so I can sort of recreate this look). Finally, on the right….a grey poncho manteau with Burberry plaid edging- what could be more stunning than this? NOTHING!


Part II is coming tomorrow- your jaw will drop!

“Double Scarfing” in the Snow

This girl is “double scarfing” (black scarf up on the head, striped grey and white scarf around the neck) and still showing off lots of hair, so I have to post that! The grey skinny jeans tucked into the tall black boots look awesome too- a classic winter look.


Green Paisley Scarf Close-Up

Found this vintage pic from 2008! I have a scarf with a paisley pattern that looks sort of like this but in blue…and this is a cool example of a scarf tied low to show off neck and hair yet not forming a triangular peak as low-tied scarves usually do but rather framing the face in a circle.


Brown and Black “Hipster Manteaus”

I am really not sure why these are called “hipster outfits”-the caption to this photo said that. I personally would not characterize them as such. These are both very simple monochromatic manteaus in black and brown, paired with low-draped scarves showing off shiny hair in all its glory. The styles are beautiful but certainly not very “hipster” or “counterculture” (compared to some other manteau styles I’ve posted before, like this one, or, maybe, this one).



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