Comfy Outfit on the Steps

Just chilling on the steps in an outfit that screams comfort makes this picture awesome! The grey tunic, the wide black pants, the silver flats, and the grey leopard print gauzy scarf draped low to show off the amount of hair all make this a perfect summer choice…In fact, I like to wear this in the summer with the scarf on my shoulders of course!


Beige Tunic and Brown Striped Scarf in the Mountains

Victory is ours, especially in this awesome beige one-piece tunic worn on a mountain resort road with wide, comfortable beige pants, sandals, and a beige and brown striped narrow scarf highlighting blond hair! I have a soft spot for one-piece tunics like this because one of the first manteau-style outfits I saw that inspired me back in 2006 was a tunic much like this…


Black Coat With Brown Long-Sleeve Top

I am not sure what lake this is behind the girl, but it looks so serene and beautiful! Her outfit is awesome too, simple and casual but very cool- especially the contrast between the black coat and the brown long-sleeve top underneath it. I love these tops (which are also know as “shell tops”)- they keep me warm and allow me to create infinite outfits, especially for work, where I am not allowed to wear tank or tube tops without layering them over something else. They are a part of some other styles I am interested in (yes, it is not all manteaus all the time!), but it is always cool to see them show up in manteau styles. The girl’s scarf is dark navy blue to match her jeans and shows off lots of her lovely red hair.


Styling in the Autumn Rain

Yet another cool set of photos of manteaus on a typical rainy fall day follows!

How about this all-blue ensemble- coat, jeans, and scarf (with purple and grey sneakers) walking under a big umbrella? This looks like a student-style outfit.


This girl has a black coat over her blue manteau (the hem of which is soaked already) and has pulled her black scarf with red and green edging over her face to protect herself from the rain. yet her hair still proudly shows!


Waiting for the rain to end in a doorway, this woman looks very professional in her yellow trench coat, yellow and brown striped scarf framing her hair like a halo, black pants, and burgundy flat loafer-style shoes.


Plaid Scarf, Piercings, and Pomgeranate Juice

The 3 P’s are all in this photo! :-) A pinkish-beige Burberry-print plaid wool scarf and multiple piercings, including earrings, an “industrial” bar through the top of the ear (I know nothing about piercings for the most part, but I know the name of this one because some celebrities I used to like had worn it), and a lip stud piercing (these are so rare with manteau style, and the few examples can be viewed at the bottom of this post) on the redhead on the right, and plastic cups of yummy pomegranate juice make for an awesome photo! Plus, the brunette on the left is wearing her silk brown scarf around her shoulders, the way I wear them!


Love in a Blue and Gold Coat and Leggings

I always love posting photos of lovers holding hands much defiance and such a pure and undefeatable emotion, especially when combined with a gorgeous defiant manteau-style outfit. Here, the beautiful dark blue coat with gold inserts on the hem, waist, and cuffs is worn with black leggings and flats and a gorgeous blue scarf that elegantly exposes the girl’s dark curls. Her companion’s t-shirt is pretty awesome as well – it seems to say “Other Worlds” on it, but I am not sure what the print on it is..


Snoods from the Expo- Part V

(Parts 1, 2, 3, 4)

Finally, here is the last installment of this huge and wonderful set!

I think this is from the children’s expo, as the lady is explaining about strollers…and she is wearing a “creative” manteau from blue silk with wide sleeves edged with pink satin and a black snood…and she still gets blurred…argh!


A conversation at a booth for is blurred for both exhibitors and customers, who look beautiful (and actually because they look beautiful) in glamorous, pushed back scarves and snoods. Instead of blurring faces laboriously, enjoy their gorgeousness and be happy for once!! By the way, Padidehshop seems to be selling beautiful wall decorations for children’s rooms- they look great!


Another company uniform is featured here, with a black coat and black snood with a yellow scarf attached to the bottom to be tied in a bow. The main feature here is the girl’s lovely blond hair proudly showing!


Hahaha….someone forgot to blur one of the exhibitors! Perhaps, they were too busy looking at her gorgeous long braid of hair flowing from underneath uniform snood (black with red scarf attached). Should’ve just left that blurring tool alone and focused on something useful! By the way, the customer’s chain print scarf is awesome as well, since it is one of my favorite prints.


This company uniform involves a grey snood with a light pink scarf attached at the neck, and the strangest thing to me is the silver hair color of the woman in the foreground. Is she older (the face looks young….maybe if someone wasn’t using that blurring tool so often, I could tell!), or is she one of those young people that dyes his/her hair grey for fun? We’ll never know, I guess. Also, the customer in the background has a pretty awesome blue patterned manteau, but it’s too far away to see clearly, unfortunately.


The final shot of of two girls at the carpet expo sitting at the Behrang Carpet booth. No idea why these regular outfits- black and grey coats with black pushed-back snoods- were blurred, but perhaps, it is better for me not to delve into idiotic minds too much…


That’s all for the expo set for now…I hope to see more beautiful, NON-BLURRED expo outfits soon!

Black Manteau and Orange Scarf at Apple Store

I was sick this week and could not update until now…I still have a few really nice pictures from last week to post. Apparently, there is an official Apple store in North Tehran now, and here’s a photo from its grand opening. I had to post if, although I do not use Mac or Apple products myself, just for the cool outfit- black manteau with red edging on the cuffs, orange scarf worn loosely draped (with some frayed edging too), and blond lovely hair!


Turquoise Open Sweater Coat and Flowery Blouse at Art Exhibit

Once again, an art exhibit provides some great inventive fashion! The turquoise knit coat with short sleeves is fully open, revealing a long-sleeved flowery blouse underneath, jeans, and black flat the scarf has some artistic impressionist-style patterns on it and reveals short and bright red hair. I just wish the photo was slightly larger…


Purple and White Belted Coat After the Rain

The outfit below actually reminds me a lot of this outfit from 2010 – both have a purple and white manteau involved and both are worn on a rain-soaked street. However, the outfit below is worn with a loosely draped blue scarf, not a snood, and white pants, not jeans, plus the manteau does not have any ruffles…also, it looks more like one manteau with purple and white sections rather than a cardigan over a tunic. Still, the outfit is pretty cool…



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