Beige Short-Sleeve Manteau and Blond Curls

What a perfect style for summer- blond curls flying in the wind (the black scarf serves ONLY to highlight them), beige manteau with big pockets and elbow-length sleeves, ripped jeans, and lovely make-up….awesome!


Zebra Print Tunic With Black Open Scarf

This is so my style, it’s not even funny….a lovely short-sleeve soft tunic in black and white zebra print with some blue (to match the nail polish) worn with a black long-sleeve top (aka shell top), jeans, and a fully open black scarf…my scarf would be on my shoulders, but other than that, this is what I love. The carpeted platform the girl is sitting on looks like one from Darband/Tochal/Darakeh resorts in North Tehran mountains.


Resort Style- Scarf as a Belt


Here is one awesome way to wear a scarf- as a belt around the manteau. I actually have done this a couple of times with my tunics. With the black rhinestone-studded headband adorning the girl’s blond hair, it’s a great finishing touch. The Caspian resort breach provides a nice background.

Playing in the Water

It’s funny that both of these ladies happen to have young sons with them and are having fun splashing in the water, even though one is at a fountain in an urban park and the other is at a Caspian sea shore resort (which looks stunning with its clear skies, white sand, and blue shimmering water).

The urban fountain photo shows a burnt orange manteau with a wrap neckline and slightly brighter scarf (as well as white sandals)….




…while the Caspian resort photo shows an awesome black, gold, and red swirl print manteau, long (and thus worn over black skinny pants), and vaguely kimono-sleeved…reminds me a bit of this awesome coat. The white scarf is pushed back to show off lovely auburn hair…and of course, great to see kids having fun in the water….the urban fountain part reminds me of being a kid myself! :-)


Plaid on Blue


The blue and faded red/black plaid manteaus are cool, but the scarves and hair take center stage here…especially the plaid girl’s platinum blond hair and ice blue eyes are just an amazing combination! (Actually, the brunette also has green or blue eyes and looks awesome!).

Denim Coat in the Mountains

I love this’s one of those photos where I see it and I immediately start making up a story in my head about who the girl is and why she is in the mountains. and who the guy is….it’s an awesome outfit in every way- the fitted short denim manteau, the grey leggings, the huge hairstyle. THIS is perfection!!!


Resort Biking Without Scarves


I don’t think that wearing manteaus with sweatpants is a good idea, so that part of the photo is a disappointment..however, the fact that these girls are rocking scarves around their necks (as I would wear this style in the summer) gets nothing but praise and applause from me. The beautiful sandy beaches and pristine blue water (most likely, Kish Island resorts) are lovely…and the fact the girl in the green is showing a victory sign may be a nice throwback to green movement style!

Four Winter Manteau Styles


This blog is changing formats on me all of a sudden…I think I will have to update my layout again.

I do love all the various winter options shown here- parka manteau, bright blue pushed back scarf with as beige jacket with a furry hood, knit hat and blue scarf, and finally a brown snood or scarf worn up and a black scarf worn down, yet lots of hair being revealed. I love all options!

That Amazing Door

The outfit may be just a simple black manteau, pants, and pushed-back scarf…but that wooden door with the amazing latticework pattern is so incredible!


P.S. Want to see more amazing doors? This one is very similar to the one above- also wooden with latticework…and this one is slightly different but also lovely…and of course all of them have awesome manteau styles leaning against them!

Chain Print and Black Scarves- Super Stylin’!

I am just astonished by the beauty of these two girls- their faces, their scarves, and their lovely hair, flowing so gorgeously lout of those scarves. The chain print scarf is awesome due to its pattern, but the black scarf highlights such lovely blond curls and bright blue eyes! I do think that the blue manteau on the girl in the chain print scarf is amazing too, as it is semi-transparent (you can see a blue short-sleeve top under it)!



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