Turquoise Open Sweater Coat and Flowery Blouse at Art Exhibit

Once again, an art exhibit provides some great inventive fashion! The turquoise knit coat with short sleeves is fully open, revealing a long-sleeved flowery blouse underneath, jeans, and black flat shoes..plus the scarf has some artistic impressionist-style patterns on it and reveals short and bright red hair. I just wish the photo was slightly larger…


Purple and White Belted Coat After the Rain

The outfit below actually reminds me a lot of this outfit from 2010 – both have a purple and white manteau involved and both are worn on a rain-soaked street. However, the outfit below is worn with a loosely draped blue scarf, not a snood, and white pants, not jeans, plus the manteau does not have any ruffles…also, it looks more like one manteau with purple and white sections rather than a cardigan over a tunic. Still, the outfit is pretty cool…


Turquoise Open Coat and Neon Yellow Scarf

Here is an awesome outfit with so many beautiful shades of blue and turquoise in it…from the lovely turquoise open coat with some swirling “galaxy print” edging on the hem to the olive green leggings to the bright neon yellow (could be lime green, I guess, as well) scarf draped loosely. Nothing matches yet nothing is out of place- I love it!


Snoods from the Expo – Part IV

(Part I, Part II, Part III)

Here are more awesome outfits from some miscellaneous expos. In this set, you can see that they laboriously blurred out some of the customers’ faces as well because they had great manteau style too…as is the case below, where both the beautiful blond-haired customer with her bright blue scarf pushed back to show off her hair and the exhibitor with her black snood with a purple scarf attached to the bottom (part of her uniform) and matching nail polish get blurred. Haha….your stupid blurring backfired on you- everyone loves these girls!


Oh my….this is called “my look in the spring, fall, and winter”…i.e. a hat over a snood (and still hair showing)!!! Only thing is that I do not own a white hat- mine are black,navy, or leopard print..but I do own a black snood and a blue coat like this! This is so modern and even gangsta a bit- a truly bad-ass look and the essence of true manteau style that I adore!


Another double-blurring photo…neither the slightly more somber dark blue manteau and black snood of the exhibitor nor the bright, cheerful yellow silk manteau and multicolored silk scarf tied low to show off blond hair of the customer could please them…like the lyric goes, “Haters, if that don’t please you, I don’t need you”.


Here, the customer didn’t get blurred, even though her hair is visible, because her hair and scarf are both dark, and perhaps they thought one blends into the other…but rest assured, there is beautiful hair on display! The exhibitor did get blurred, although her hair is less visible than the customer’s! Ridiculous or what? Looks like the exhibitor is wearing one of those uniform snoods with a thin contrasting silk scarf woven through it, in white and blue. And of course….the miniature fashionista in the stroller with that flower-print sleeveless dress…lovely!


The girl at the booth in her slightly baggy but short navy tunic and pushed back snood got blurred, unfortunately, but the girl in the foreground did not because she was facing with her back to the camera..yet her outfit is actually way better…and she has a tall hair cone holding up her black scarf that is visible from the front. Her manteau is just amazing- black with a blue printed silk insert on the back and the hem is scrunched up a bit to show more leg!


One more set to go from this series….can’t wait!

Burgundy Open Coat, Green Scarf, and Plaid Bag

This picture is somewhat small, but the outfit comes from a photography expo, so you know it must be cool..and it is! I actually own and wear a burgundy open sweater coat, so this outfit is very familiar to me…there are also black leggings, a pushed back green scarf, and Burberry plaid bag involved…and even though nothing matches, it all flows together beautifully!


Asymmetric Green Manteau at Art Exhibit

This outfit is absolutely perfect- the manteau is beautiful green with a “hi-lo” asymmetric hem (short in front, long in back), worn with black pants, a scarf pushed far back atop a bun of hair, Converse-style shoes and..yes….a green bracelet! This outfit proudly continues a great tradition, and I hope it stays this way!


Brown Manteau With Blue Sleeves at “Elecomp”

This photo comes from an electronics/computer/telecommunications expo called “Elecomp” and features a girl standing in front of a booth for Zaeim , which turns out to be an electronics/IT company in North Tehran…this girl is wearing a brown manteau that has dark blue sleeves, and it does not look like this is a different-colored top underneath it. In other words, the bottom half of the sleeves is blue- now that is strange…but looks pretty cool. The manteau has some ties at the front and is worn with jeans, grey sneakers, and a pushed-back snood – looks comfortable to me!


Laughing in Blue Kurta Manteau

It’s somewhat rare to see the Indian kurta-style manteaus nowadays (they used to be much bigger in 2006-07), so it’s cool to know that they are still being worn, as can be seen from the blue embroidered coat below (worn with a black snood pushed back and tucked behind the ears to show off hair). I just wish I knew what is so funny!


Walking by a Mural in Red and Purple Coats

This is a more depressing mural than most you see on this blog (I believe it’s a soldier sleeping), but it could be worse…and the outfits are nice, especially the red manteau with the black belt and 3/4 length sleeves, worn with a black long-sleeve top, pushed back snood, skinny pants, and flat shoes…and all of these items are something I have. The other purple manteau is not as visible because it is obscured by a huge black scarf, but it still looks nice with jeans and sneakers…and a cool studded quilted bag!


Reading by the Door in Black Leggings and Blue Shoes

Yet another beautiful wood-cut door in the picture…as well as a lovely outfit – black manteau and leggings, blue sparkly flat shoes, and a snood pushed back to show off the girl’s dark curls. I do wonder what she is reading…



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