Beige Coat With Brown Paisley Scarf

Even though this is a close-up and you cannot see the whole outfit, I think this girl looks awesome with her brown hair showing from a brown paisley scarf and light greenish-blue eyes. The make-up, the red nails, and the beige trench coat are looking flawless!


Black Scarf and Tattooed Eyebrows Close-up

Very cool close-up- not much of the outfit is visible, and it looks like a standard “black manteau and black scarf” affair, but the girl’s face is beautiful..and the “shaved-off and tattooed-back-on” eyebrows are common with Northern-style make-up (more extreme versions of it, anyway).


Northern Student Camps- Having Fun and Looking Cool!

I had planned to post these earlier in the summer, but I had forgotten about these photos. These were not “camps” per se but more like day retreat trips for university students to the Caspian resort areas. Of course, someone out there had a problem with it. After all, happy young men and women, talking to each other, laughing, having fun, and being friends, and representing a great sense of fashion..isn’t that so dangerous? Only to those who live a hateful, bleak, and meaningless life! This photo set is for them- you wish you were chilling in the woods or by a lake, laughing with a friend, don’t you?

Most of the girls’ outfits here are typical student outfits- black manteau, black pushed-back snood, and jeans…


..A couple of the girls here wear more colorful manteaus, like pink and black with red…and I have to say, the lake and mountains behind them are stunning! I cannot wait until the day the whole world will be able to visit them freely, and they become a luxurious resort for all!


The orange flame-like thing is a logo from some “news site”…not sure what they are trying to say here.


I applaud and stand with these students for having fun and being themselves!


Red Double-Breasted Trench Coat

I love this photo of the girl in a red double-breasted trench coat with big black buttons for many reasons….one of them is that the girl is beautiful, with her long brown hair flowing out from a black scarf…another is the Disney princesses on the wall…


….but the most important one is that I have a coat like this, only in green. Since I cannot see the bottom of the red coat, I can’t say whether it has such an awesome circle skirt as mine does. I know when I was buying the green one, they had red, black, and white versions, too! I can only put my torso view in here, but this is my manteau style, and yes, I still wear all of these items! As you can see, no scarves in sight anywhere in my version…


Swirl Printed Student Outfit

The black and grey straight-line tunics with pushed-back black snoods are classic student outfits…but have you ever seen a swirl-print dress manteau with a snood as a student outfit? Well, now you have..and this is a vintage 2008 photo, so of course, it was possible back then! Plus, the girl has a fascinating, beautiful face with brown hair and huge expressive green eyes…lovely!


Yellow Rouched Coat and Matching Scarf

I am going to take a little break for my birthday..but just before I do, here’s a brand new photo of an awesome outfit. The yellow manteau is rouched and gathered for a better fit to the body’s curves, while the matching scarf is pushed back (showing off hair and headphones) and has cool tassels on the edges. Black skinny pants and colorful shoes complete this cool style.


The Famous White Coat and Green Scarf

This photo is quite famous- it has been posted on many websites as an example of classic manteau style, even though it just a close-up. Perhaps, it is because the white coat has its sleeves rolled up and the green and pink striped scarf is draped loosely to show short blond hair, huge sunglasses, and bright pink lipstick. I like the picture personally, but this girl reminds me of a skinnier version of someone I used to work with (and did not really enjoy working with), so perhaps because of that, I never really liked this picture as much as some of the other manteau classics…but here it is anyway, for everyone.


Grey Extreme Scarf, Levis, and Hello Kitty

This must be some art installation…an interesting take on Hello Kitty accompanied by an awesome grey scarf adorning a tall “extreme” hairstyle and a grey shirt with a Levi’s logo. Whatever it is, I like it!


Flower Print Scarf in the Snow

I hope it’s warm wherever this girl is…the outfit is a little light for winter, don’t you think? I have to say, the black coat and baggy jeans do look comfortable, and the pushed-back flowery scarf shows off glossy dark hair. Very cool!


Denim Coat + Leggings = Perfection!

I love this’s one of those photos that I see and immediately start creating a story about in my head…inventing about who the girl is and why she is in the mountains, and how the guy is related to her, and what her occupation is etc….I have to say this is an awesome outfit in every way- the fitted short denim manteau, the grey leggings, the huge hairstyle adorned by the pink scarf, and even the pink keds. THIS is perfection indeed- the rawest, most urban and breathtaking manteau style!



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