Yellow Coat and Snood at a Clothing Fair

I just love that there are two outfits in the picture – the beautiful yellow manteau worn with a pushed-back black snood, skinny pants or jeans, and boots with buckles…and the lovely white manteau pictured on the orange t-shirt. This photo was taken at a clothing fair, and I wish I could buy that t-shirt just to show support…


Riding a Water Scooter in Manteaus

From the Caspian resort comes this awesome photo of two girls riding a water scooter (sorry, I don’t know the “scientific” name for this) in black and light grey manteaus…the girls have rolled-up pants and scarves that are lifted up by halos of lovely golden hair, and yes, even their Northern-style make-yup is on point! This shows how true manteau fashion does not hinder participation in any activity at all because it is comfortable, lightweight, and sufficiently short and fitted!


Coats and Skirts – from Minis to Maxis

This photo is record-setting- seven manteaus and ALL are worn with skirts of all kind of lengths, from ultra-mini to maxi. One outfit involves thick black leggings and blue ankle boots, but the rest go for see-through tights…or the long skirt that covers their legs. The scarves are all pushed back, the heels are high, the make-up heavy, and the rooftop view is beautiful. Overall, I love the fact rebellious styles continue to include the skirt (my new styles are based on it, although not with my manteau-style tops).


Beige Manteau and Multicolored Scarf Close-up

It may not be a super-original outfit, but I really love the bright colorful scarf and think the girl is here it is!


Snoods from the Expo – Part I

In the past, I have had several series of posts of awesome manteau styles from various expos (such as 1, 2, 3, 4 from the food and chocolate expo in 2011 or the famous “manteau parade” set (1, 2, 3) from the food and furniture expos last year). These photos were notable in that they were intended by their “creators” (I use the term loosely) to disrespect and humiliate girls wearing glamorous avant-garde manteaus, but I have turned them into a celebration of incredible manteau style (just to mention one more incredible photo, appliance expo of 2013 is the most striking example of that).

Now, here comes yet another HUGE set of outfits from multiple expos. The main focus of this set seems to be on girls working at the booths at an expo of various goods for babies and children and a carpet expo (with some miscellaneous expos thrown in). The faces once again were blurred (even some of the expos’ attendees suffered this ignorant fate!), but the stylish outfits here will speak for themselves loudly and proudly! Now, without further ado, here is the first installment. The first two photos show the same booth at the babies’ and children’s expo (for a company called Tinybaby whose website I could not find, but a cached version I found shows it’s a baby-proofing service for houses) with girls wearing a typical “expo uniform”- black coat, black snood, and a bright scarf piece (usually in the company’s logo colors) around the neck. This outfit is so commonplace it’s a wonder to me why these girls were so laboriously blurred. Is it because…gasp..the snoods are pushed back? REALLY?



This booth (from an unknown expo, looks like cleaning/hygiene products) seems to have a Turkish flag in it…and these expos are supposed to be international, so why the hateful attitude towards your guests???? On the left, the navy blue manteau is worn with a black snood pushed back to show off dark hair and huge hoop earrings and white neck scarf (there is that expo uniform once again) as well as white woven-sole espadrille shoes (I have shoes like this in black and they are one of the most comfortable kinds of shoes in the world!). On the right is an awesome outfit involving a thin black scarf showing glossy dark hair and a white manteau with elbow-length studded sleeves, black skinny pants, and black cut-out flat shoes. I really love the studded-sleeve tunic- I have seen some sweaters here like this, but never a coat…


The next two photos are also from the children’s expo and are taken at a booth for Setband, which seems to produce rhinestone-encrusted hair clips for girls. The uniform for this booth is a black coat with a semi-transparent white scarf draped loosely.


At least, they didn’t blur the customer in this one…and it seems like she is wearing a poncho coat, or is it just me?


The last photo for today is from another booth at the babies’ and children’s expo for a company called Baby Care. I cannot find a website, but the name should be pretty self-explanatory. The girls at this booth were pushed-back black snoods and different coats. It is the girl in the foreground that has the best outfit though- a white below-the-knee manteau with a high-cut hem, showing her slim legs in fitted black skinny pants, which are lengthened even more by platform leopard-print heels! This outfit is perfectly designed to attract attention and to provide reassurance (and thus to gently persuade the customer to buy from the booth!), and those who hate it are the real morons!


Part II is coming very watch for it!

Eating Chocolate Ice Cream in Black and Flowery Manteaus

Walking past a shop window with some black and blue coats, these girls are wearing what looks like the typical student outfits (black pants, sneakers, pushed back snood), yet the scarf on the left is multicolored and striped and the snood on the right is worn with a bluer flower-printed dress manteau. In addition, both girls are enjoying chocolate ice cream proudly (some haters of manteau styles still hate seeing girls licking ice cream cones, so I ALWAYS post these photos when I find them)!


New Styles from the Artists’ Garden

Every year now, I seem to find a new set of awesome manteau styles from the Artists’ Garden in North is the latest one!

I think these are the most stunning outfits of the whole set – that green and red outfit features a) a red skirt (!!!) and b) the color green in lovely (and meaningful) shades, while the blond girl in the black coat, leggings, and green and red scarf is simply gorgeous (and kind of looks like me)…


These two girls are walking in some of the best pants to ever grace manteau style- leggings (worn with beige manteau) and harem pants (worn with navy manteau)! Usually, harem pants look strange with manteau style, but in this case, I think they look great!


This couple is happy..and looks great too- the coral manteau and peach scarf are certainly a very trendy combination of colors.


I am still trying to figure out whether the girl int he navy blue manteau and olive green scarf is wearing very wide-legged pants or a skirt. I can see the girl in the black manteau has grey leggings on, and I think that’s awesome.


Sometimes, one needs to take time to smell the roses…by a beautiful reflecting pool. The manteaus are pretty simple – two black, one red and navy plaid- but the low draped scarves are perfectly styled.


This guy is lucky to be surrounded by 5 lovely ladies by that same reflecting pool. Not all outfits are visible, but among those that are, there is a nice fuchsia manteau with contrasting cuffs, dark green manteau (of course, I love it), and a great combination of a black coat and bright red attention0-drawing scarf on the very right.


Lounging on the Rocks in Blue and Grey Manteaus

These girls are just kicking it in style on a rocky Caspian resort beach – the grey and white scarves are pushed way back to show off curly golden-blond hair, the grey and blue manteaus are made of what looks like soft fabric, and the jeans (blue and white) are skinny and fitted. I remember I used to have a quilted bag sort of like the one the girl in blue has (not a “label” version) and it literally fell apart eventually..


Olive Green Scarf on Resort Beach

Both the grey hoodie manteau and the black bag have red and green stripes, which is certainly a unique style, but the most prominent part of this outfit, worn on a Caspian resort beach, is the olive green scarf lifted by a tall dark hairstyle (and sunglasses perched on the forehead).


Grey Manteaus in the Woods

These two grey manteaus are different- the one on the right is baggy and below the knee (and looks more like a dress manteau), while the one on the left is more fitted and cut just above the knee with slits on the sides. However, to compensate, the one on the left is worn with a purple ikat-print scarf (tied low and showing off golden hair), while the one on the right is worn with a black scarf around the shoulders (aka my way), platinum blond hair flowing freely, and huge gold earrings. I think I prefer the latter outfit just because of those things..



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