“Double Scarfing” in the Snow

This girl is “double scarfing” (black scarf up on the head, striped grey and white scarf around the neck) and still showing off lots of hair, so I have to post that! The grey skinny jeans tucked into the tall black boots look awesome too- a classic winter look.


Green Paisley Scarf Close-Up

Found this vintage pic from 2008! I have a scarf with a paisley pattern that looks sort of like this but in blue…and this is a cool example of a scarf tied low to show off neck and hair yet not forming a triangular peak as low-tied scarves usually do but rather framing the face in a circle.


Brown and Black “Hipster Manteaus”

I am really not sure why these are called “hipster outfits”-the caption to this photo said that. I personally would not characterize them as such. These are both very simple monochromatic manteaus in black and brown, paired with low-draped scarves showing off shiny hair in all its glory. The styles are beautiful but certainly not very “hipster” or “counterculture” (compared to some other manteau styles I’ve posted before, like this one, or, maybe, this one).


So Much Color- Red and Flowery Coats!

Love the color on these coats- both the red and grey one with the argyle sweater underneath and the flower-printed one (hard to say exactly what colors- peach, red, and green are all part of it)- as well as the scarves, one red and white striped and the other beige with red inserts, but both pushed back. The coats behind them are something amazing as well- so bright and cool!


Brown Manteau With Yellow Chain Print Scarf

I’m going to a wedding this weekend, so I won’t be posting for a couple days….here’s a beautiful picture in the meantime. The short-sleeve brown manteau with a long-sleeve lighter brown top (aka shell top) under it is pretty much my style, and the yellow chain print scarf is gorgeous (because it’s one of my favorite prints)!


This Girl Is Awesome!

Why? Well, because I think she kinda looks like me (when my hair grows out)…only I don’t have a Caspian resort background behind me, and my black scarf is on my shoulders…but other than that, I feel a strange resemblance..LOL.


Grey Fitted Manteau With Bow Belt

Yes, this is actually a different manteau from this one- although they are both grey and have bow belts. The coat below does not button all the way through, and the boat is much thinner and skinnier than the one in the linked post. The navy blue scarf falls onto the shoulders and is pushed back to show off glossy jet black hair.


Rolling a Tire in Brown and Olive Manteaus

The moments I find in these photos sometimes…are rather interesting and funny…like this one- why are these two girls rolling a tire? I could almost write a short story out of this picture! Plus, I love the manteaus- both the short olive military-style tunic on the right (with the scarf to match) and the sleeveless brown lace-edged dress manteau on the left (worn with a grey top, jeans, and pink Converse-style shoes!). I love laced-edged manteaus (like this one, for example) and miss them very much..hope they come back soon!


Pushing a Cart in Black Dress Manteau

It’s kind of a funny picture…this girl is posing with a peddler’s huge pushcart and looking awesome in a black stretchy jersey dress manteau with white stripes on the waist (nice to see that these have not disappeared still!). The beige wide-legged pants and white flat shoes look comfortable for summer, and the grey scarf draped to show off long blond hair just highlights her beauty.


Best. Faces. Ever.

To those that hate manteau style and the freedom that it brings, and protest in the streets against dressing the way a person wishes to dress – I think these girls’ faces will say it best!


I can’t come up with any words and I will let their expressions speak for themselves (as well as me, as well as most normal people of the world).


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