The Mega Book Fair Set – Part II

It continues….with this cool black manteau with a black checkered print and a first on the blog- T-strap shoes! I wonder why she is holding a pink balloon…


..sometimes, the book is so engaging you have to start reading right away. This girl, in a blue and red plaid manteau, definitely thinks so – she is reading right ont he lawn outside the book fair. Note the navy blue snood- this color in a snood is still very rare.


The girl is studying an atlas in an interesting black, grey, and white scarf with a print that looks like dogs (a bit)….


And this girl is reading something architecture-related in a beautiful white, yellow, and black color-block manteau.


..while this outfit is a combination of elements from the previous 2 – the grey printed scarf and the color-block coat, this time, in grey, white, and yellow. Also note the Paris-printed bag on the girl’s shoulder- very cool!


Wait for more book fair photos coming soon…

The Mega Book Fair Set – Part I

Yes, those book fair photos are finally here…and this year marks an especially gigantic set. Let us begin with just four photos…first, a beige manteau with puffy pleated sleeves and blue and white polka-dot cuffs…this style is almost like something from the early 2000s. The blue and white printed scarf is somewhat cool…


…then an acid-wash denim coat worn with a red scarf. Nice but not particularly memorable…


..and sometimes, it rains on the book fair, so a selfie is in order- of course! I find the burgundy manteau with the big black square print amazing because of the way it is combined with black leggings, burgundy clog-style shoes, and a pushed-back black snood. The other coat is olive green and is getting soaked…but still looks cool with the turquoise blue scarf.


Finally, how about this awesome green coat with a cool rhombus-like embroidery on the neck and sleeves? Now that is a bad-ass green item, for sure.


This is just the beginning…there is much more to come.

Three Coats and Beige Pants by the Mobile Cafe

In 2016, I had posted photos from a North Tehran novelty– a “mobile cafe” called Way Cafe, selling drinks and sweets out of a sky blue vintage VW bus. It looks like other similar mobile cafes have appeared since then, as the one shown below is an orange van. The three outfits worn in this photo all involve beige pants and e3arth-tone scarves. The green coat is fully open over a white top, while the beige coat boasts a 2006-07 vibe with its accessories- pants cut off above the ankles and an opens card showing off a red braid!


Getting Creative – 1st Edition

I have never heard of this event before, but here is the website for it…it is called Creative Mornings, and it is a worldwide phenomenon involving a breakfast and a talk on a creative subject! So far, there have been 2 of these in North Tehran, and these are a few outfits from the first one. As you would expect, the outfits are highly creative…just check out that denim sleeveless manteau over a yellow long-sleeve top with a lovely green scarf¬† showing off auburn hair and that amazing make-up! There’s also a faded green coat with¬† an olive green scarf that looks pretty cool….


…as well as this outfit, involving a purple jacket over a blue flower-printed tunic, black cut-off leggings , and a purple and yellow paisley scarf. Looking awesome!