Long Manteaus at Photography Exhibit

Both coats in the foreground of this photo are of the super-long variety (below the knee)- the grey sweater coat has slits though…the black-and-white striped sweater does not. Nevertheless, both coats, worn at a photography exhibit, look great. I prefer the striped coat just because of its unique contrasting pockets and because you can see the entire outfit (skinny black pants and grey flat shoes).


Transparent Panels and an Open Scarf at Painting Exhibition

These photos are from a different painting exhibition than the one in the previous post. The paintings here mostly showcase large objects such as a crashed boat in the first photo or a rhinoceros sitting on the remnants of an old airplane in the third photo. While this style of art is not my thing, the outfits featured here are absolutely gorgeous! The black manteau below has very cool transparent panels flaring out from the hem, which makes the coat memorable and romantic. Plus, it is worn with skinny grey jeans (instead of the usual blue or black) and…yes…black open-toed boots! I have to say that the latter fashion item has always been a mystery to me – boots are generally worn when it’s cold, while open-toed shoes are meant for warm weather…to me, the open-toed boots have always been the stuff of music videos/fashion photo shoots. I am surprised to see a real-life person wear them, and they do look great (I myself would not wear them, though).


Here’s a nice close-up of the above outfit – I love the way the beige scarf flows loosely to show off the girl’s jet-black hair- she is awesome! P.S. Can you spot the Zoroastrian symbol on the white vest a guy is wearing in the background?


Finally, this stunning outfit involves a long open white manteau with red appliques on the hem, black skinny jeans, beige open-toed shoes, and a blue printed scarf through the front, back, and sides of which long red hair proudly flows!  I am really loving this- this is modern manteau style, always evolving and adopting new elements yet still true to the basics of what makes it turn heads!



The Painting Exhibition Handshake

Last Saturday, three of the sites I use to bring the great manteau photos to this blog went down…well, not exactly. The sites are still up; however, there is something wrong with their server (I believe that they are all hosted on one server, as they have a similar layout), and the server times out whenever I try to connect. I can view the sites themselves through Google Translate, so I know what photo sets are appearing, but since photos are not translated, I cannot view them (or any graphics, for that matter). Luckily, since I know which photo galleries may interest me, I can connect to these sites via proxy servers – in fact, now I have experienced exactly what people in Iran experience when they try to access this blog or any other filtered sites! The experience is quite slow and annoying, and many of the proxy sites time out themselves when they try to connect to those servers. I truly hope the servers hosting the sites can be fixed soon. All the other sites where I find photos for the blog are running as usual – knock on wood!

This photo is from a site that is running (yay!) and involves a handshake between two women at a painting exhibition. On the right is a burnt orange manteau with black and white printed cuffs, worn with a blush pink scarf and a white long-sleeve top underneath…and on the left is what looks like a blue (or turquoise?) waterfall cardigan with black and red pockets worn with a beautiful black open scarf from which long black curls proudly flow – I love it!

افتتاح گالرى Ø¢ 42££_ITaÑ





Three Outfits at a Very Northern Photo Exhibit

The exhibit at which the photos below were taken is one with a highly Northern focus – photos of the or from the Milad Tower. Of course, you know what that means – great outfits! Below is a blue dress manteau worn with a yellow printed scarf tied low under the chin. The look is vintage but very cool.

افتتاح نمایشگاه عکس برج میلاد 18

Some more modern-looking outfits can be seen below – a long green coat worn with skinny black pants and a black scarf that does not cover much of the woman’s dark hair…and a grey open coat with blue embroidery on the shoulders (and a black pushed-back scarf and black pants as well). I personally prefer the outfits in the 2nd photo, especially the embroidered coat.

افتتاح نمایشگاه عکس برج میلاد 22



Black Leggings Styled Two Ways

Here are two random outfits which both happen to involve black leggings. Below, a beige and brown coat with a Fair Isle-ish pattern (and some black panels, I think…)  is worn with black and beige cork-soled sandals and a black scarf.


…while here, a black coat is worn with a fuchsia scarf and beige platform-heeled shoes that seem to be made of netting. I think the leggings below may have some rhinestones or studs on them, but I am not sure. Either way, the leggings look great with both outfits.


Chocolate Expo Fashions: Open Scarves and Long Coats

For some reason, chocolate expos always provide photos of very beautiful avant-garde manteau styles- just check out this 2014 outfit, and I am not even mentioning the famous 2011 expo, which warranted 4 posts! The 2016 edition of the expo was no different, and interestingly enough, the set below has two things in common – open scarves with hair flowing out the back and front and long coats (below the knee and reaching just above the ankles) with or without slits on the sides. The first photo does not provide a full view of the beige coat but does show a grey patterned pashmina scarf which boasts a long blond ponytail flowing out the back.


Standing next to the booth of the Turkish chocolate manufacturer Aldiva, this girl also has a ponytail of brown hair flowing out the back of a black scarf. Her yellow manteau is long but has high slits showing off the girl’s black skinny pants and high-heeled shoes (possibly open-toed or cap-toed). The writing on the back of the yellow tunic is a great and defiant touch- I’d love to know what all of it actually says!


Finally, taking a photo at a booth belonging to Roozbeh Chocolate, a woman in a black scarf, through which blond hair partially flows, wears a beautiful turquoise satin long (just above the ankle) manteau without slits on the sides but boasting lovely red embroidery down the back and in the sleeves. The long coat looks wonderful with the jeans and black flat shoes. The only strange thing about this photo is….the gaudy purple and silver ferns.


I hope that everyone who went to this expo checked out the production – I bet it was delicious!