Scenes from Charsou Mall

Charsou Mall is a hyper-modern “media mall” in North Tehran – you can read more about it here. It opened in 2015, and these photos are from early 2016. A cool example of classical Northern style can be seen below- an open tunic with dolman elbow-length sleeves and a chain-like print all over. The beige scarf does not hide the woman’s auburn hair and accentuates her subtle make-up well.


Yes!!! This is the first time I have seen a photo of a girl singing in a Northern mall accompanied by a piano- incredible! Not to mention that she is wearing a black manteau with colorful inserts, a red scarf framing curly hair, and leggings – that is just absolutely awesome!


The Black and Silver and White Lace Manteau Selfie

One of the best selfies I’ve seen this year so far, this photo features two amazing coats – a black one with silver square print on the left and a white one with delicate lace inserts on the chest on the right. The former coat is worn with a black and white scarf covered with large plaid print and showing off glossy dark hair….while the latter is paired with a white scarf worn open so that amazing bright red hair can flow through the front and sides- I love this style!


Mercedes Gathering Manteaus

This is a classic Northern event-  a gathering of owners of all kinds of Mercedes Benz cars. The luxuriousness of the cars implies that there will be gorgeous outfits on display as well…and rightly so! For example, the girl happily participating in the selfie below is wearing a beautiful white open manteau with a gathered waist. All the other accessories/clothing she wears (jeans, scarf showing off blond hair, and even her bag) are blue. The combination is elegant and gorgeous, as expected!


A girl in a fuchsia manteau is checking out a Mercedes car while wearing a graffiti-printed scarf…not sure where this scarf is from, but it looks nice in that “urban combat” kind of  way…


Finally, the Burberry print makes an appearance..but not on a scarf this time. Rather, it is worn as part of the girl’s black manteau, which goes well with her black, white, and red silk scarf. This is definitely a classic Northern selfie!



Long Black Coat at Kite Festival

This is a fairly basic style – black coat, jeans, sneakers, and pushed-back scarf (in beige), worn at a kite festival (the coolest outfit worn at a kite festival still remains this one, though)…the one distinct feature is that the coat is below the knee, as opposed to the classic short manteau. Since the coat is straight-line, it looks good with the straight-leg jeans.


Blue Manteau at Travel Expo

This outfit was worn at a travel expo and unfortunately, there is no full-length view here…however, I think the navy blue scarf covered with flower-and-diamond patterns and worn pushed back to show auburn hair fits nicely with the blue manteau. Love the gold glossy nails and the charm bracelet as well.


Jogging in Manteaus

Yes, this is possible….and looks amazing against a classic Northern background of fashionable high rises. The plaid shirt worn with purple pants, scarf, and sneakers is a more conventional look (featuring the huge visor), but the look on the right is just amazing… a green low-cut cropped top over a black long-sleeve top over a yellow t-shirt, black leggings, and a peach scarf draped over a tall golden hairstyle. Love the rebellious styles featured here!



4 Coats at Classic Car Expo

Two navy blue coats and two black ones – the colors are not terribly exciting. However, the scarves and other hair accessories draw attention – from the bright red scarf of the woman holding the selfie stick in front of the classic car to the black snood of the woman holding the little girl (who looks very cool…but I can’t believe she is wearing earrings at that age already) and from the visor over a loosely draped white scarf to the thin rhinestone headband pushing back the purple scarf to show blond hair. BTW, can you spot the cutwork on the hem of the navy manteau on the very left of the picture?