Red Manteau, Walking in the Snow

The outfit is simple yet bright and attractive, with the tall boots and pushed-back snood…the beautiful mural behind her is awesome- it brightens up any snowy day.



Umbrella in the Snow and Half and Half Coat

I am still not sure actually whether this is a “half and half” beige and blush pink manteau or whether the beige part is a jacket and the manteau is just blush pink…regardless, the coat is aswesome, especially worn with fuzzy and warm Ugg-like boots, faded black jeans, and a paisley-print scarf tied low. The blue metal wall is an interesting background too….have not seen this particular one before. I never really understand why people wear umbrellas in the snow though…to me, umbrellas are for rain only.


White Coats in the Snow

White coats go beautifully with snow….such as this coat worn with a grey scarf by a woman that is building a snowman (albeit, he is a bit muddy…)


…or this gorgeous hooded coat worn with a red scarf and tall black boots- so elegant (and I love that Northern-style make-up!).



Selfie in the Snow With Brown and Pink Coats

This selfie is not a full length one, but I still love the 2 coats- the more brown tweed trench and the more relaxed pink sweater coat…I actually prefer the pink coat over the brown one simply because of its style. The scarves (tiger print and purple) are awesome too.

بارش برف در میدان نبوت هفت حوض 18ÏÞçÎÛëÌlÙ-éÐ


Green Coast, Brown Scarf, and a Dressy Snowman

The green coat is fitting for today…and it is worn with bright patterned items, such as the brown scarf and the striped umbrella. I think the snowman’s outfit is up there with the manteau…this is probably the most well-dressed snowman I have ever sen!



Brown Parka with Hat and Scarf Combination

One of my winter favorites, the hat and scarf combination, is on display here- a beige knit hat and scarf set are worn with a brown parka coat and tall black boots…the gloves, however, are bright with some red and white patterns and possibly other colors…not sure why.



Leather Coats in the Snow

Pretty self-explanatory…one woman wears a brown leather coat (and a black pushed-back snood) while building a snowman…


…while another woman wears a black leather coat and printed scarf and is throwing a snowball (the grin creeps me out though…)