More High Level Dust Masks

To follow in the footsteps of this post, here are more manteaus with dust masks from a very special location.

First of all, yes, this is a double-scarfing outfit (black snood and open purple knit scarf thrown over it) and it still shows lots of hair, which is awesome! LC Waikiki, as seen by the logo on her bag, is a Turkish fashion store..I wonder if any of her clothing is from there.


A stunning dark red coat is worn with a black and white zigzag-printed scarf showing blond-highlighted hair…and there is even a miniature fashionista at the edge of the photo.


Fashion sense runs in the family, as can be seen by this mother-daughter couple- both wearing black coats, leggings, neutral-colored boots (beige for the daughter, brown for the mother, and scarves with some beige in them (although the daughter’s scarf is much more colorful).


Another super-colorful scarf is worn with a brown leather manteau, a highly glamorous item that I love, despite its rarity.



3 All-Black Outfits, 1 Long Beige Coat, and Dust Masks

Another set with dust masks (from Ahvaz, the epicenter of the dust mask sets) is interesting because all the outfits feature snoods and 3 of the outfits are almost fully black. In fact, those outfits are most likely student outfits…the one below with the leggings and beige sneakers may be an exception, but who knows, maybe there are some student outfits with leggings now…?


This one with the black and white Keds-st5yle shoes, is definitely a student outfit (and look, there is a yellow fence there…however, it is not yellow and green!).


..and this student outfit has a black and red sweater worn over it. This is without a doubt the biggest dust mask I have seen so far.


The only outfit to feature a beige manteau still has a black short jacket over it, while the manteau is long with slits on the sides and is worn with jeans cut just above the ankle. I love this style, even if the short jacket-long coat combination is “weird”!




Sports Photo Expo Styles

I only have photos of 2 outfits from this expo, which is dedicated to sports-related photos, including portraits of athletes and such….the outfit below involves a dark, navy blue coat and a super-colorful scarf showing hair. I think the woman may be wearing black leggings which are tucked into tall buckled boots.


I like this girl’s two-tone sneakers, but it’s hard to see them when they are not close up. The girl is talking on the phone in a beige manteau with a shawl collar and a black pushed-back snood. You can see the athlete portraits better in this photo as well.


More Snow Day Styles

As winter goes on, here comes another snowy day set…featuring such winter staples as the black parka with the fur-edged hood…whether it is worn with a pushed-back snood and a turquoise scarf around the neck…


..or worn with a red scarf and beige gloves (and this parka has large hanging buttons down the front, too).


A marled grey open jacket worn over a classic all-black student outfit is not a winter outfit per se, but it works well…


This couple is having fun throwing snowballs in a park, and the double-scarfing looks great with an ikat print scarf AND a pushed-back snood still showing lots of hair. Note the MP3 player headphones in one of beige canvas coat’s huge pockets- this is a great purpose for these pockets.


Finally, a romantic moment with a couple gently hugging and the girl wearing a black parka and a hat and scarf combo, of which the grey hat features that coveted item- the furry pom-pom..and yes, I do have 1 such hat because it fits into one of my other styles.


Indie Manteau Style 2017

I have had a few posts of indie/hipster manteau style over the years (such as this), but I have not seen many of them in a while…finally, here are 3 outfits from 2017 that prove that indie manteau style is alive and doing great! I can see that plaid shirts are still a staple of this style, as are bright whimsical colors, like the yellow of the scarf and the turquoise of the earrings. This is also one of the very few outfits on the blog featuring dreadlocks… and the only one so far featuring a huge tasseled-comb-like brooch.


Some contemporary trends are part of the 2017 indie styles as well- for example, the black and white ikat print on the tunic worn by the woman on the left (her burgundy open coat is fastened by a rainbow pin) ad the flower applique on an open marled grey coat worn with high-waist jeans by the woman on the right (another indie staple).


Onward with Snowy Outfits..

Next part of the set features more snowy outfits…this one is all-black, but the scarf has some pretty colorful flower-print inserts. Umbrellas for snow always look a bit strange to me though…

بارش برف در شمال تهران 15

This navy blue coat has cool gold rhombus-shaped buttons and is worn with as red top underneath…

بارش برف در شمال تهران 62

..and finally, a rare sight- a woman riding  a motorcycle with a man, which is causing her grey scarf to droop down and stick to the top of her head (you can still see her hair through the sides of the scarf). Her brown sweater has an awesome rhinestone buckle and is worn with a blue top and black pants. I remember a photo from 2016 with this exact same concept, which is great to see again..and of course, what else is in the background? That’s right, the famed green and yellow fence!

بارش برف در شمال تهران 8¡