Coat With Skirt- Another Red Skirt

Just a few days ago, I posted a photo of a manteau worn with a red skirt at an art exhibit…well, here is another photo of a manteau worn at an art exhibit with…you guessed it, a red skirt! This one is worn with a green coat with some plaid inserts, tall black boots, and a red scarf showing off blond hair….and looks great. Yes, this definitely makes me certain that having a red skirt is a nice addition to one’s wardrobe.


Fall 2015 Manteau Styles

These fall 2015 manteaus are characterized by classic fall muted colors (dark brown, grey, and black) and a conventional, straight-line silhouette. My favorites out of all of these coats are the brown leather coat (2nd from right) and the black long coat with the embroidered sleeves in the middle. I think the white manteau is a bit out of place here, but I suppose it’s nicer for the winter.


These two fur-collared manteaus are not only beautiful but also different from everything else…how? Look closely at the head-wear on the mannequins- these are beautiful warm HATS! The color of this coat is a mix of olive and mustard yellow, yet the hat is brown….


..however, for this amazing burgundy (wine? oxblood?) coat withe hat matches perfectly, and I like the side button closure, as it makes the coat look more elegant (the mustard coat was a bit too baggy-looking). I would definitely wear this outfit (with a warm scarf under the furry collar).



Warm Autumn in the Park

Beautiful fall scenery, lovely and simple outfit (black coat, black boots, jeans, and a blue scarf showing hair of course), and spending time with the baby (not very small anymore)- ah, what a blissful moment! :-)


Beige and Brown Patterned Coat at the Aviation Expo

I think the coat looks great, but I just wish the photo was not quite as dark..I can see the coat is beige with a brown pattern, but it’s hard to see the exact pattern on it. Nevertheless, the girl looks cool with the pushed-back snood, taking a selfie against a helicopter (I think this is the first time a helicopter has appeared on this blog).


Turquoise and Burgundy

This wall of post-it notes is apparently an interactive installation in a subway station, of all places…interesting. The other interesting thing about this photo is the color combination of the turquoise tunic and the burgundy long-sleeve top under it. I have never seen the two combined before and had always thought that they would not go together well, but surprisingly, this outfit is quite pleasant to the eye. The pushed-back black snood adds a calming effect (I think using a bright-colored scarf with this would definitely create too many contrasts).


Black Coat With Contrasting Belt

This style of coat appears periodically – I have found one photo of a similar manteau from back in 2011. The only difference here is that the cuffs and collar on the manteau below are both flower-printed, while the 2011 coat has solid cuffs and a geometric-patterned belt. The coat below is worn at an art exhibit and is paired with a warm grey knit scarf (or snood?) which is perfect as winter approaches.


Coat With Skirt- Red, Black, and Burgundy

I always enjoy the “coat with skirt” styles- too bad that it does not appear that often. The interesting thing about this outfit is that none of the colors match each other- purple printed scarf (showing off golden hair), burgundy coat (looks like it has a black leather bottom section and black sleeves), and bright red, slightly wavy skirt (worn with black tights and shoes)…I would like to have a red skirt myself – I may be getting one as a Christmas present..let’s hope! :-)


Another Close-up -Simple Black and Embroidered White

Here’s a bigger close-up similar to the last post (against some very cool ancient brickwork!) – the black coat worn with the blue scarf is pretty regular, but the white coat with beautiful embroidery on the neck and cuffs is definitely unique (and the yellow scarf goes quite well with it).


Burgundy and Polka Dot Manteaus Close-up

This is an awesome close-up – it shows exactly how the “draped low” scarf is supposed to look for both the square and rectangular types of scarves to show off maximum hair- no excuses here! :-) I love the burgundy and black coat as well – this color (also known as oxblood and wine) has been very big for the past year and shows no signs of stopping. The white and black mini-polka dot coat is nice too..I just wish we could see more of it.


Beautiful Art Exhibit Outfits

As always, another art exhibit delivers awesome fashions. The beige coat and jeans outfit really takes me back to 2003-2005’s vintage manteau era due to the silver woven bag, the platform-soled silver shoes, and the diaphanous pink scarf showing off glossy hair.  The purple swirl-printed coat and the tall black leather boots, though, is ultra-modern.


Stunned by this awesome outfit- brown patterned dress manteau with a slightly ruffled hem worn with a yellow long-sleeved top, black leggings, fur-lined suede boots, and yellow scarf showing off beautiful blond hair!!




Unfortunately, this one is not a full-length view, but the brown leather coat is fitted and stylish, and the white and brown scarf drapes low to show the hair…plus, take note of a very well-dressed girl in a beautiful red coat.




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