Photography Expo Styles- Long Coats and Selfies Again

Photography expos always provide beautiful avant-garde styles, but now they also provide opportunities for selfies! :-) The snoods are pushed back nicely, and the combination of black and flower-print on the right is interesting…


This is the kind of style the art/photo expos are famous for…beautiful beige below-the-knee manteau with puffy sleeves, worn with skinny black pants and beige and black ;polka dot scarf from which a long black braid flows….this is awesome!


Applique Coat and Snoods

Behind a wooden antique door, there are 2 girls wearing nice coats – one blue and the other black with bright colorful appliques…and snoods, pushed back to show the hair, of course! They look very friendly and cheerful- love it!


Yellow Manteau With Grey Ugg Boots

Found this photo from the winter of 2014…lovely style, very much like my own- beautiful yellow trench coat, black skinny pants, grey scarf, and matching Ugg-like boots. In fact, I used to have these short grey Steve Madden boots in this style, even with corset-style lacing on the sides, and they were awesome (though fell apart too quickly).


Manteau Ambiance 73

I think these girls own a clothing store, and I think they look absolutely gorgeous- I love the way the scarves drape softly to show beautifully colored and styled hair..and I also think this is the only time I’ve seen someone wear fleece sweatpants (with buttons down the side) with a manteau and have them look absolutely classy!


Summer 2013 Beautiful Leggings and Manteaus

I think I forgot to post these photos, but now I have found them again….it’s sad that Support Love has gone. I wonder whether they were forcibly closed by some oppressive groups or whether they decided to leave themselves, or if some of their non-leggings-related postings (which contained some non-PG-rated material) got them in trouble with Facebook.

The glare on the store window is annoying, but the beautiful patterned leggings look great – paired with a blue dress manteau and a long red hoodie, they definitely attract attention, as they are supposed to do!


The photo is small, but you can see that both girls are wearing leggings, scarves that show off hair, and manteaus with elbow-length sleeves. Leggings are definitely here to stay!


P.S. I found an Instagram group with many of the photos that were on Support Love. Not sure if it’s run by the same people, but I will check it out!

Blue and Beige Manteaus in Courtyard

I am in love with the architecture in this beautiful courtyard..and the clothes are awesome too! I especially love the beige manteau with skinny jeans, loafers, and blue chain print silk scarf showing of black hair- what a sophisticated and glamorous look! The blue sleeveless manteau is nice too, although it looks like it is made from canvas, which is slightly odd, but it looks comfortable with the matching long-sleeve top, jeans, sneakers, and black scarf.


Burgundy Coat at Food Festival

I believe this outfit comes from some kind of food festival. The burgundy coat and black pants make for a winning combination, but the coolest part of the photo is the way the black snood is pushed back and up over a dark, sharp hairstyle and the dark emo-ish make-up.


Spring 2015 Manteau Market

These manteaus, unlike most posted here, come not from a store window but from a kind of outdoor market..That does not make them unattractive, however. In fact, the blue polka dot coat on the right with the leather collar, cuffs, and belt is one of the coolest I have seen so far. Flower-printed hems seem to be popular too, judging by the navy and turquoise coats in the photos.


Open Purple Coat and Leggings

Shed a tear for the awesome Facebook page Support Love, the prime showcase for pure manteau style with leggings. The website has been gone for about a week now and shows no signs of coming back. However, I saved every manteau-related (not all photos were) picture from it, and I will post them all at some point.

The photo below came from Support Love and shows a beautiful blonde wearing an open pink patterned scarf from which her long hair flows proudly and a purple unbuttoned manteau with leggings. There is much more where this photo came from, and they will be coming soon.


Beautiful Chain Print Manteau

To see one of my favorite prints ever immortalized in this beautiful dolman-sleeve dress manteau worn over black leggings is simply inspiring. I have chain print shirt, jacket, leggings, and many scarves, but I was never able to find a beautiful coat or tunic like this. The scarf is also black and gold, although it doesn’t look like it’s chain-print, and shows off bright red hair!



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