Red Manteau, Umbrella in the Snow, and a Monument

I always find the use of umbrellas for snow instead of rain a bit funny…but at least, the red umbrella here matches the red double-breasted trench coat perfectly. The snood is pushed back to show the hair, protected under the umbrella – maybe, that is the true purpose of umbrellas in the snow! 🙂 By the way, the cool structure behind the woman is the Avicenna Monument located in Hamedan (western Iran)…lovely! This is, in fact, the second photo from Hamedan that I have, the first one being taken during a dust storm...looks like, from dust to snow, this city has nice manteau styles (and surprisingly enough, both photos feature red clothing prominently).


Winter Coats on a Rainy Day

On a cool winter rainy day, you can go two ways- you can wear the classical parka coat with the fur-trimmed hood (as this woman does, while buying buns..mmm, yummy buns…).

خیابان آیت در یک روز بارانی 14C

..or you can wear a shearling coat, as the woman on the left in this photo does. Both coats are super-warm, comfortable, and stylish. This photo also boasts three other manteaus, in grey, black, and beige, the last one being accessorized with an awesome octagon-printed messenger bag. However, the shearling remains my favorite, sicne I love anything with furry elements.

خیابان آیت در یک روز بارانی 11X	3@`l„0Ó³

The Northern Selfie with Blue Printed Scarf

The beautiful lighting decoration is part of an installation located somewhere on North Tehran’s longest street, the inimitable Valiasr Avenue. Of course, it deserves a stylish selfie involving an all-black outfit and a dark blue rhombus printed scarf on the neck. I think this location is awesome for selfies and wonder what the installation means…


Rainy Day Styles With Green Elements

The coolest thing about these outfits in the rain is that both incorporate the lovely and meaningful color green somewhere…below, the leather manteau is worn with a brown and green striped scarf that highlights the hair so nicely.


…and the green long sweater coat is amazing here (worn with a navy blue open trench coat), as are the black boots with white fur trim – so perfect! Not sure if these are leggings or skinny jeans but they truly are the best pants to wear with this style.


Beige Parka Coat at Houseware Expo

This winter, the parka coat is everywhere….and is not going away anytime soon. Many of the parka coats boast fur-edged hoods, but this beige one happens to have a big furry collar instead. The coat is worn at a houseware expo (you can see some fancy lighting behind the woman), and she and her family look very stylish – from her husband’s beret (he looks like a movie director…) to her red scarf draped low to show off glossy chestnut hair to her son’s bright-colored parka.


Black and White Plaid Coat at Visual Arts Festival

Ever seen an installation like this before? It looks like you can put a human together by turning the different sides of the blocks – sort of like a Rubik’s Cube of humanity. This installation is exhibited at a visual arts festival, and its uniqueness is complemented nicely by the girl’s stylish outfit – a black and white plaid manteau worn with black leggings and high-heeled black boots….and  of course, a black scarf that shows blond-streaked hair.