Photography Expo – from Plaid to Denim

I thought this expo was dedicated only to black and white photography, but actually, it features color photos as well and even some drawings/sketches…and some cool manteaus, like this black, white, and red plaid coat with a red scarf and black flats….


..or this long black coat worn with a beautiful red, green, and yellow paisley printed, pushed-back scarf….


….or even this open denim shirt worn with a dark green and yellow knit scarf (this is the photo that features the drawings)…



Long Black Coat, Pink Ombre Scarf, and Two-Tone Fence

The famous blue and white metal fence ( as seen here) has appeared again- and is now the backdrop for a cool long black manteau worn with thick platform shoes and a pink/grayish-white ombre scarf. I wonder if the mansion behind the fence has been finalized already…


Chartreuse Green Outfit at Bazaar

The outfit is gorgeous- the chartreuse shade of green is still pretty rare in manteau style, and here both the coat and the open scarf  showcase this wonderful color….but I am also fascinated by the beautiful brickwork, the handmade carpet, and the intricate wood carvings of the bazaar behind the girl. I believe this one is the Shiraz one (most of my other bazaar photos are from the Tehran one, like the picture in this post), but it looks just as interesting…


Dust Storm Close-Ups

These are some pretty amazing close-up shots taken in the middle of a severe dust storm (I think this may be Ahvaz, but I do not remember..)….The interesting (and scary) thing is that none of these photos involve actual dust masks…for example,  here the woman in the  hunter green and red plaid coat is using a snood as a dust mask..


..and the girls taking selfies are actually using tissues as dust masks.


This photo features both scarves and tissues being used as dust masks…and some gorgeous outfits, specifically the diaphanous scarf worn with a plaid manteau on the right…and the super-stylish, button-popping striped manteau on the left!


The Best Outfit of the Year?

I think this is a contender for sure, if not THE best. Coming from a rather obscure book fair, this outfit features a plaid skirt, a long beige sweater with a burgundy top underneath (matching the girl’s crimson lipstick!), black leggings, and black studded ankle boots. This look is absolutely stunning and is very special to me.


Valentine’s Day Gift Shopping

I found these 2 photos a while after Valentine’s Day..and yes, the one below does show a pretty red heart balloon! It also shows an open black manteau with rhombus buttons over a beige top (or sweater) and an ombre scarf pushed very far back..


…while this photo does not show any specific V-Day accessories, it has a cool outfit consisting of a brown manteau with a black puffy short jacket over it, a matching brown scarf, and jeans…


Look like this year, Valentine’s Day was a bit more subdued, but it also looks like it was more successful than in some years, which is great!