Navy Blue Trench Coat and Flowery Scarf in the Park

This is a very simple outfit – navy trench coat, black pants and shoes, and a flowery scarf framing dark hair- but the expression on this girl’s face is cute as she poses for a photo in a beautiful park on a rainy day (as shown by the pink umbrella).


A Yellow-Green Ensemble

The soft folds of the yellow manteau (looks to be a waterfall cardigan open coat) and the ombre yellow and green scarf showing off auburn hair make for a pretty interesting outfit (even if the yellow and green shades do not flow together quite as well as they should)….


This Is How It Should Be Done…

…wearing a sleek patterned silk scarf showing off hair and a tank top! Notice something about this photo? Perhaps, it does not fit the blog’s focus, BUT it does show off how people can wear scarves in a fashionable and glamorous way with a very defiant and democratic meaning.


Grey Vest Over Striped Sweater Coat

Some of the best of the artistic, indie manteau style is featured in this outfit- the multicolored narrow scarf, the red curls (and braid_ tumbling freely from the scarf, the grey puffy vest worn over the grey sweater coat with white and grey striped sleeves, the grey pants, and the woven decorated bag. This outfit is lively and pleasing to the eye. P.S. I wish I could see a full view of the white outfit of the white outfit worn by the woman taking a photo of the carpet installation- I think it would be interesting, too….


Another “Half and Half” Coat

…this time in black and white, AND worn unbuttoned to show a hint of cleavage (!!!!), with an open black scarf to show off blond hair. There is something Madonna-ish about this girl’s outfit and face….but I love this outfit. The classical contrast emphasizes the quiet yet forceful sexiness of it.


Turquoise Coat at Food Expo

Just a simple turquoise manteau, unbuttoned at the bottom, worn with a black scarf at a food expo…yet so classic!


Shopping in Shades of Brown

It’s amazing bow many different shades of brown there are in these two outfits (as well as other related colors). The beautiful fur-collared coat is light beige with a tinge of yellow, while the scarf it is worn with (perched atop a tall hairstyle) is chocolate brown…..


…while here, the sweater coat with the big shawl collar is dark brown, worn with a burgundy (or wine or oxblood or Marsala..whatever you want to call it!) long-sleeve top and black pants (and matching scarf showing off black hair). Both look great!


Denim. Green, White and Navy

Love both coats- the denim coats worn unbuttoned at the bottom with a lovely light green scarf (perhaps, meaningful in its own way) and the very coll soft white coat with a lace-like fabric worn with a navy scarf..both showing off hair..looking awesome!


Navy Blue Trench Coat and Snood

This outfit is pretty simple compared to most that I post here…but it is basic manteau style- navy blue warm trench coat, jeans, sneakers, and a black snood showing some hair….it still works though.


Out on the Water in Black and Red

I am not sure why these girls are out in concrete walkways in the middle of a pond…I think it’s some sort of spring-welcoming ritual, due to the presence of a plant, a book, and a small broom but I am not sure. The outfits are lovely though…this one is all black, but the beige scarf is showing off red hair, and she is wearing fishnet socks with red pumps, which adds some really nice color…


This is truly stunning – dark red coat with furry collar, a knit light salmon scarf showing off dark red hair, and dark red high-heeled boots (how does she keep her balance on this walkway?). Incredible style!



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