Setting Up a Tent in Beige and Black Dress Manteau

No, it is not a camping tent…more like one of those small tents for a picnic in the park really. The lady is looking super-stylish, however, in her beige and black dress manteau with a square print, worn with black pants, black and beige flats, and a beige scarf with G print and red and green edging, perched atop a tall red hairstyle. I wish I could look so stylish if I ever attend a picnic.


Tribal Print Sweater Coat and Platform Sneakers

Apparently, said items both happen to be THE trendsetting clothing pieces for summer 2016- and here they are! Unlike many people, I happen to LOVE the platform-soled sneakers, first because I love 1990s-inspired clothing, and second because I have these awesome transparent “jelly” sandals with this kind of sole, and they are super-comfortable. Of course, the black leggings and black scarf pushed back to show off blond hair are amazing too!


Blue Striped Tunic with a Camera

Armed with a very professional-looking camera, this girl is wearing a blue kurta-style tunic with stripes on the sleeves and hem. It’s not often that I see such tunics now (they were popular in 2005-06), but they are still as cool as ever. The striped scarf, jeans, and the funky round sunglasses match the tunic’s shade of blue for an overall cool look!


Blue and Olive Green Manteau Selfies

Ah yes…the dreaded selfie strikes again..Exhibit 1 is the photo below- the girl in the blue manteau (looks a bit like a sweater coat to me) and blue and beige flower-and-diamond printed scarf does not seem amused. I have to say, her make-up is on-point, especially the bright red lipstick that matches her jet black hair.


This girl, on the other hand, is participating in the selfie much more willingly. The olive green short-sleeve manteau with its full, pleated skirt and large buttons, is a classic example of “urban combat” style, which I love so much. It is worn with a grayish olive green long-sleeve top, faded jeans, and black shoes…and of course, a bright green scarf. I love to see so much green concentrated in an outfit!


Grey Asymmetrical Sweater Coat and Pink Chain Print Scarf

I love the way this grey asymmetrical belted sweater coat is cut – I think the shape is really flattering. Skinny jeans are perfect for this type of coat, as they create an elongated, graceful figure. Of course, the pink silk scarf is beautiful – I believe it has a chain print on it, which is one of my favorites, and it matches the girl’s black and pink sneakers.


Pink Patterned Coat and Scarf and a Costumed Character

Even though I am not a fan of pink generally, I like this outfit (perhaps, it is the more lilac-ish shade of the coat). The coat and scarf feature two different prints (box-like for the coat, double C for the scarf), yet they go very well with black leggings and tall boots. By the way, check out that costumed character on the right- he is looking pretty cool.