Beige Coats With Snoods

Here are two very similar outfits – beige manteaus and black pushed-back snoods- in different situations: while filling up a Hyundai at a gas station…


…and while taking photos of an ancient hand-written book at a museum with a tablet!


If anything, it shows this is one versatile combination.

Turquoise Manteau and Blue Scarf at Outdoor Photo Expo

It is weird- I never had photos from any outdoor art/photo expos here, and now, this is the 2nd one in a week! The turquoise manteau is slightly longer than what you’d expect, reaching to the knee, and is paired with a blue scarf showing off red hair. I think the colors really complement each other beautifully. Plus, the little girl is holding her own in terms of fashion! :-)


Asymmetrical Black Coat and Short Black and White Coat at Bus Stop

These two girls are waiting for a bus in style- I especially love the black asymmetrical coat on the left with the skinny jeans and burgundy shoes…possibly, the pushed-back snood showing off red hair is what makes the outfit! The black and white short coat looks nice with the snood as well. I wonder if these are the newest versions of the classic student outfit.


Northern Autumn – Leaves and Stylish Outfits

I was busy with my birthday and many other things…now I have a little bit of time to post some great new photos. The two photos below are most likely taken around Valiasr Avenue, the longest street in the Middle East and one of the longest in the world. You can witness the classic Northern autumn (which is fast approaching, whether we like it or not), with gorgeous yellow leaves underfoot….and much awesome fashion.

How does the woman make this simple black manteau stand out? By pairing it with black leggings and a bright fuchsia patterned scarf showing off her dark hair, of course! It looks like she has some books in her bag..I wonder what they are…and her partner is carrying a little cup of coffee ( or tea?)..I wonder what it is too.


Against the backdrop of some older buildings, these three women look great in their white, burgundy, and dark sienna/burnt orange coats. The last of these is my personal favorite, due to its unique look.


Simple Elegance

Not much to say here- this all-black outfit (except for the colorful silk scarf and the orange bag, I suppose) is a classic example of simply and elegant manteau style. Next year will be 10 years since I’ve gotten into this style (believe it or not!), and seeing this fashion brings back the reasons for why I got into it in the first place!


Blue Paisley Manteau at Outdoor Art Expo

You’d have to go back all the way to 2010 to see a coat similar to this, but here it is…a beautiful light blue (almost mint green-ish) paisley manteau! In fact, this one is an actual manteau, not a dress manteau,as it is cut much higher above the knee than the 2010 version was. Worn with jeans, white flats, and a turquoise scarf generously showing off dark hair, this outfit is actually from an art expo held outdoors, possibly at the Water and Fire Park, so you know it has to be good!


Picnic in the Park in Black and White Striped Manteau

I was definitely busy with my personal stuff this past week, plus I was attending a family wedding (this was the last single family member to be married!)- the other issue is that there just weren’t any photos of cool outfits recently…until I found this one! The girl is enjoying a picnic in the park in a lovely black and white striped manteau worn with black pants and draped scarf. I don’t think this is a picnic for one (you never know, of course)..I wonder where everyone else is.


Miscellaneous Movie Festival Outfits

Before, I used to post outfits from various underground manteau stores, such as this famous photo showing off bright poncho coats from Poosh Designs.


However, now, since these websites no longer disappear at will and have become too numerous, it’s much easier to find such unique styles and to enjoy all they have to offer. I think I will create a post filled with nothing but links to those sites instead….so watch out for that in the near future.

Another source of cool styles used to be some movie festivals, such as the famous Hafez Prize, which yielded a total of two posts in 2014 (1, 2) showcasing some amazing manteaus which made some idiots seethe with envy and hatred. The next two photos also elicited the same reaction, although I am not 100% sure if they are from 2015’s Hafez Prize show or from a similar movie festival ceremony…therefore, this means I must post them!

This yellow manteau with black flower appliques was hated for two reasons: a) the leggings and high heels are fitted and stylish, and b) the yellow color was dubbed “screaming”. Makes me wonder what those haters do if they see dandelions on the ground…do they stomp on them because the yellow color is “screaming”?


This short white jacket over a long black coat or dress is an awesome new frontier in manteau style, and I applaud this girl for it!


Turquoise Hoodie over Beige Manteau

This pic has cropped up several times over the past few months, but this is the first time I have found a large enough version of it. This portrait shows a classic manteau style outfit, with a turquoise hoodie over a beige manteau, black skinny pants, blue Converse-style shoes, and a black draped scarf. Comfortable and casual, this outfit is perfect for walks in the garden (as in the photo) or even for work.


Taking Photos of Tiles in a Blue Flowery Coat

Just recently, there was a photo of an awesome manteau against a beautiful tiled background…and here is another one. The glamorous redhead in a stunning blue flower-print manteau and purple scarf id tasking cell phone photos of some gorgeous tiles on the walls. I wonder if both pictures were taken in the same place…



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