Fish Print Coat at Painting Exhibiton

Most object-printed coats I have posted over the years were the typical flower print. Leopard and chain prints followed closely behind, and occasionally, some obscure print, such as leaf, zebra, or tiger, would appear. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever guess that a white coat with a FISH…yes, FISH print…would appear on this blog – yet, here it is below, being worn at a painting exhibition (very cool paintings, by the way). The coat is paired with black pants and scarf, which is worn open with gorgeous long golden hair flowing out the front and back so proudly. There is also an interesting yellow manteau in the background, but it is partially obscured, so I cannot comment on it further.

افتتاحیه نمایشگاه نقش مهر در آرت سنتر 75ANí+xý

“Half and Half” Coat and Rifle at the Maritime Expo

A few years ago, I was searching for a picture of a girl in manteau style with a rifle to illustrate an article, and it took me so long to find it…then, a year later, I found another picture of the same thing, so now, at least, I would have a choice of 2 photos if I ever had to illustrate another article about girls at shooting ranges again. Now, I have a third option with this photo of a girl shooting a rifle at, strangely enough, a maritime industry exhibition from the flashy resort of Kish Island. Maybe the rifle is there because this is a booth hosted by the navy…I am not sure. The manteau is that classic “half and half” style that still keeps going strong in 2016 without stopping – beautiful tile work print on top, light blue on the bottom- and is worn with a blue silk scarf that may also be a “snood in scarf style” (i.e. a scarf already sewn up on the neck to form a snood-like shape…aka eternity scarf/circle scarf).


Plaid Trimmed Coat at HVAC Expo

This photo comes from an expo dedicated to building facilities and HVAC systems. This may sound like a terribly unfashionable place, but the photo below proves them wrong. Posing with some pipe fittings, the woman wears an amazing black manteau with a classic Burberry plaid panel insert on the front and trimming on the 3/4-length sleeves. The black scarf drapes loosely to accentuate glossy brown hair and a black necklace, and there is even a nose bandage here (I wonder if it is real or for show…classic Northern-style element here). Beautiful outfit!


Grey and Blue Close-up

Unfortunately, there are no full views of the grey and dark blue manteaus in this photo..but there are beautiful black and pink scarves draped loosely to show off blond (on left) and dark brown (on right) hair. The blonde also boasts impressive Northern-style make-up, especially the tattooed eyebrows and the bright red lipstick!


Snoods and Victory Signs

Usually, the victory signs show up in Green Movement photos…but sometimes, they just crop up in other ones. Here, there are no green coats or accessories in sight; in fact, most of these look like student outfits, with the pushed-back snoods and sneakers (mostly black, although one of the girls wears pink sneakers for a change). The all-black outfit in the foreground most likely is a student outfit, while the pink and blush polka dot coats most likely aren’t (unless these are art students….they have gotten away with stuff like this). Also, the sideways victory signs seem to have a certain rebellious “gangsta” mood to them – I like it…


…while the girl in the blue pin dot manteau flashes a more traditional upright victory sign. This also is either an art student outfit or has nothing to do with any students at all.



Yellow and Black Printed Coat at a Photography Expo

Yes, this is a different photography expo from the one in the previous post! Of course, being an art event, it features great manteau style- namely, a beautiful yellow and black printed coat with a belt, worn with a grey and black (or navy blue) printed silk scarf. The prints go together well, and the coat even reminds me of some vintage dress manteaus (although, since this is not a full view, I can’t tell for sure).