Forest Clean-Up in Student Outfits

I have posted some photos before of girls wearing awesome manteau styles while cleaning up beaches…this one is similar- it’s a forest clean-up, and the four girls featured are all wearing versions of the student outfit (black pushed-back snoods on three of the four and a navy blue one thrown in for good measure) but a little bit more colorful….especially the red and blue plaid coats. Even the selfie makes an appearance (see girl in blue coat on the right).


Live From the Hood

Contrary to what this blog might make you think, I’ve got a diverse variety of cultural interests, and very rarely, they do intersect. For example, there are certain kinds of hip-hop I like listening to. Generally, it can be classified as “East Coast” (that’s of the US). I analyzed it for a long time to understand why it appeals to me and most other hip-hop/rap makes me cringe…then I understood that it has to do with the environment it was composed in. Generally, East Coast hip-hop comes from urban and fast-paced neighborhoods, rather than the more rural and relaxed locales of the South and West, and high-rise “project” environments, not the separate houses and/or townhouse complexes of the South and West. I understand it because (and I am going to omit the majority of details here) I once lived in a neighborhood like this. In a different part of the world, the majority of people were and, to a large content, still are forced to live like this, and the end result is the same as what happens on the East Coast. Some of those songs gave me a shock because they brought back memories that I did not go back to for MANY years.

The city I live in now also boasts a variety of such neighborhoods, and there are 2-3 of them in which conditions are very similar to where I grew up (obviously slightly better than what occurs in many countries, but, as you will see, it’s hard to tell with so many lies being spread). Our media love to despise them and constantly write propaganda pieces that everyone living there is to be pitied at best and a “subhuman” at worst. Many people in my city believe this and dread to enter these neighborhoods because they think someone will rob or kill them! Well, I have met some people from there, and I can tell you that some of the most amazing people I have ever met in my life came from these neighborhoods. Partially because they are exposed to so much negativity, they need to put 150% of themselves into their work to survive it and to succeed, unlike people in a more “normal” neighborhood. They have an incredible work ethic, and they have an incredible understanding of human nature, which they express highly openly and sometimes in a bit “in-your-face” way, which is misunderstood by many. Thanks to those people, I can come to terms with myself and my own experiences and feel more confident about things that tended to weigh me down and depress me.

So what does this have to do with the blog? Well, once, I read that even in Tehran, there is actually such a neighborhood that was also built like an urban renewal project. This neighborhood is called Navab and is located in downtown Tehran. It used to consist of old-style low-rise houses, which were demolished and replaced with huge concrete high-rise apartment blocks. A highway cuts the neighborhood in two, and multiple pedestrian bridges are built to connect the two sides. The picture below, taken on a smoggy day, shows the rather bleak nature of the neighborhood.


Many of the urban renewal problems typical to these developments apparently plague Navab too, although I have tried finding more information and could not find much. There are no lengthy memoirs about life there, unlike with the Northern neighborhoods, and only a few scholarly articles mention in passing the “crumbling infrastructure” and “drug, crime and safety issues”. I am still kicking myself a bit that I didn’t save a photo set I saw once that showed neighborhood efforts to beautify the concrete blocks of Navab by painting beautiful murals on the walls. (Incredibly enough, that neighborhood in my city I talked about above is doing EXACTLY the same thing – there are murals and street art installations everywhere!) A bit strangely, I could not find any underground hip-hop from Navab area, although it would be the kind of place this music would organically fit and in which the social problems could be addressed through this music. Another interesting note is that Navab was the site of some of the most determined and violent Green Movement protests in 2009 and again in 2011, and there is a lot of anti-regime anger there, although it is not a rich neighborhood.

Finally, we get to the clothing…here it is, a lovely photo of manteau fashion from Navab. These girls are probably students (there are many universities just steps away from this neighborhood), judging by the snoods, but not necessarily. The girl on the left has a more typical ‘student” outfit, only instead of jeans or black pants, she wears beige pants. The girl on the right is wearing a blue patterned dress manteau over skinny pants and her snood seems to be a shade more navy blue than black. I really like her facial expression, though her eyes are hidden behind sunglasses. Somehow, she reminds me of some amazing people I knew – so open yet so mysterious.


Pin Dot Coat and Plaid Scarf in the Northern Style

The “hidden” black-on-black pin dot pattern on this coat reminds me of some of the classic 2007 pinstriped coats…but the black and white plaid scarf draping loosely to show off a VERY trendy blond hairstyle with shaved sides (a la Miley Cyrus???), heavy Northern-style make-up, orange spray tan (to match the phone?), and blue and white nail polish are definitely very 2015. Yes, the look is a little bit over-the-top, but it’s why I love this style- it always keeps me surprised!


Black and White Asymmetrical Hem Coat With Blue Skirt

The coolest thing about this indie-looking couple (other than that funky mustache on the guy..LOL) is the beautiful black and white patterned tunic with an asymmetrical hem, worn over a long blue skirt. It’s been a long time since I posted a “coat with skirt” outfit, and I really like this one. The black opaque tights and black shoes make this a good outfit for all seasons, and the blue scarf actually matches the skirt perfectly!


Grey Manteau With Sleeves Above the Elbow

This photo demonstrates perfectly how classical manteaus have sleeve straps and buttons on the sleeves to regulate sleeve length. In this case, the straps are used to raise the sleeves above the elbow. I am proud to say many of my tunics have this feature, and I do make use of it in the summer! This grey tunic looks so light and comfortable for the summer too, and the combination with beige pants and white scarf showing off long blond hair flows very well (the only thing about the outfit I don’t really like is the bag- I am not a fan of logos on bags).


Feasting With Kings

From a simple black manteau and jeans outfit to a beautiful blue silk manteau worn as a dress with black opaque tights (or leggings), these styles are beautiful…as is the fact that these girls are lounging in a restaurant on couches decorated with beautiful ancient Zoroastrian symbols! This is truly a fest for kings..


Flowery Coat at Classic Car Show

Unfortunately, there are no cars in this photo…but fortunately, there is a nice blue flowery manteau (perfect for spring, anyway) with elbow-length sleeves worn with a grey long-sleeve top underneath, jeans, sneakers, and a pushed back snood, of course. Looks like a very comfortable outfit, and they guy looks happy, too.


Plaid and Light Blue Coats With Snoods..and Awesome Hair

The grey and black plaid and light blue coats are classic, and so are the black snoods pushed back to show off absolutely phenomenal hair. The hairstyles are what makes the outfits so memorable and rebelliously gorgeous!


Pink and Olive Coats, Snoods, and Dust Masks

Another dust storm photo appears below..this one is supposedly from a city called Yasuj. which I am pretty sure has never been featured here before..and even there, the styles do not disappoint- two nice coats in light pink and dark olive (belted even..), with pushed back snoods to match. P.S. Can you see another pink coat in the background?


Soaking Feet in Creek….

…while wearing rolled up pants or leggings showing off most of the legs and scarves pushed back to show off all of the hair-a very simple activity becomes one filled with beautiful meaning!



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