Turquoise Semi-Poncho Manteau and Leggings

I say “semi-poncho” because it does not look like a traditional poncho coat, but the shape does look very similar to a baggier square poncho. Put it together with black leggings (or opaque tights) and shoes and a lovely matching turquoise scarf, and it looks awesome. The little girl herself is shining in her black and green outfit- adorable and stylish!


Checkered Pockets on an Open Manteau

You wouldn’t think that something as innocuous as this would cause some kind of ridiculous frothing-at-mouth reaction, would it? Yet, it did…look at this. A lovely beige tunic with black and white checkered patches over the pockets and on the shoulders- sounds pretty normal, right?


Apparently not to some people, who are upset that the checkered pattern is too much like the famous Arab scarves. Although these scarves are just a traditional and cultural clothing item, some oppressive forces/groups (for example, some Basij groups and their affiliates) use these scarves for their own purposes, and they are upset that a democratic and body-freeing garment is using this pattern. Well, I hope they just look at all the colors of these lovely open coats – so many of them, and they are looking great. I wonder how it makes them feel, and I hope it makes them squirm uncomfortably!


I’ve got news for you- no group “owns” any form of clothing. This mentality makes me sick no matter whom I hear it from. I wear clothing derived from many different cultures, and I mix them all, depending on my mood. Where I live, many people of different origins wear these scarves, and many of them do so to make a fashion statement. Actually, I am sure that some people probably do not like my wearing of glamorous manteau-style tunics, despite my reasoning for it, but if anything, this story simply inspires me to continue wearing them the way I see fit and to enjoy it!

To conclude, look how these beautiful Green Movement girls were using the Arab checkered scarves back in 2009 to show their allegiance to democratic principles – this is pretty amazing, especially the scarf in green!



If anything, this inspires me to

Purple Manteau at Telecommunications Museum

This girl is attending a museum of telecommunications and old postage equipment, which may sound boring but actually is quite interesting (I have been in similar places before)…and is looking very fashionable in a purple manteau, jeans, black flat shoes, and a snood tucked behind the ears to show off more hair.


Black and White Flowery Coat in the Art Garden

The miniature Azadi tower monument immediately sets the location for this photo- this is a section of the famous Art Garden on Fereshteh Ave, one of the classic Northern parks from which so many photos of amazing outfits have come recently. This is no exception – this lovely black and white printed tunic with a thin brown belt is worn with narrow jeans, sneakers, and a black scarf draped low to show hair and even a hint of pink socks).


Blue Drawstring Coat and Snood(s)

These look like classic student outfits with the black pushed-back snoods (although it’s hard to tell what the outfit on the right actually is)..although the blue coat on the left with the drawstring waist and 3/4-length sleeves is not typical “student outfit” material, it looks great with the jeans, snood, and big shades- very cool!


Water Fighting is Going Strong!

It seems like this is a biannual event – there was a very famous water fight in a park in North Tehran in 2011, then a smaller water fight in a park in Karaj, which used to be a Tehran suburb but now is a provincial capital and a huge city in its own right, in 2013 …and now, in 2015, a new water fight, also in Karaj but in a different park! Judging by those water fights, as well as a few other posts on this blog, Karaj is really holding its own in rebellious and democratic manteau style and activities!

The photos are unfortunately very blurry, but it looks as if the water fight went ahead without any arrests or dispersions (and someone out there is not happy about it)…awesome! I think partially it is because this time, there are actually no water guns being used – just water bottles as you can see below. The girl is wearing a typical student outfit (black manteau and snood) is indeed soaked.


An overall view of the water fight..can you see the girl in white printed manteau and leggings on the right?


While another girl in a student outfit is walking off, this photo captures a participant wearing an awesome short flower-print coat, a manteau style classic, skinny black pants, and a fully open scarf!


It’s so awesome to see these events continue to be held, and I hope there will be more photos like this!

Plaid Dress Manteau and Kurta at Art Expo

As always, the art expos do not disappoint- just check out the awesome plaid sleeveless manteau worn over a black long-sleeved top and black leggings! The kurta on the right is amazing as well, especially so because the scarf it is worn with is pushed so far back as to be basically on the shoulders, which is how I wear them. I do miss those shirts and am glad to see people are still wearing them.


Beige, Brown, Green – Fun With Family and Alone

You can have fun by yourself…as evidenced by this awesome outfit, consisting of a short-sleeved beige tunic with green edging on the neck and sleeves, worn with a cream (or white?) long-sleeve top, jeans, green silk patterned scarf, and black sandals…


..or you can have fun with the whole family (these kids are so cute!) and wear a gorgeous brown manteau with an asymmetrical hem and patterns on the bottom (beige pants and black scarf showing blond hair included)!


Baggy Manteaus in Grey and Beige

From the super-tightly fitted coat from the previous post we go to the other extreme – baggy manteaus that do not show off much of the figure. Luckily, this does not make these coats ugly or unfashionable – in fact, both have high-cut hems to show off the legs, and in the case of the woman in the beige striped coat, she is wearing leggings underneath! Even the more baggy snood on the woman on the right is still showing a lot of hair.


Clean-Up by the Waterfall

I posted a few photos before of women in beautiful manteau style participating in events to clean up beautiful natural sites, such as beaches and forests. These ones are no different- these women are cleaning up an area near a stunning waterfall called Margoon (located near Shiraz).

This is a simple outfit – denim coat, black pants, sneakers, and scarf (with sunglasses pushing the scarf back to show blond hair)..but the view of the waterfall behind it is absolutely amazing!


Throwing coffee cups around seems to be a universal pastime, sadly…glad this awesome girl is helping to remove them and doing so, while wearing a gorgeous brown fitted manteau and beige scarf draped loosely to show off the hair. The way this manteau hugs her figure is perfect (as is the way the hair is shown)- THIS is how true manteau style should be!



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