Cafe Festival Styles

Cafes are an integral part of “Northern life”, as so many articles on the blog show…however, this is the first time I have seen photos from a cafe festival. Apparently, this is like a mini-expo of sorts, in which cafes showcase their goods in small displays. For example, the display below showcases some amazing yummy cakes from a cafe….delicious! It also showcases a very cool yellow manteau with lace-trimmed pockets, the first such coat I have ever seen. It is worn with a self-striped yellow sweater and a scarf in orange, yellow, grey, navy blue, and green color-block pattern.


Here you can see the insides of a small booth at the cafe festival…the booth is a small-scale recreation of the actual cafe’s ambiance- pretty cool! I also love the marled grey coat the woman at the trance is wearing – this is only the second time I have seen a manteau made from this fabric, which became very popular all over the world in 2016 (I have a marled grey “leggings and crop top” set myself), and the first time was only a few weeks ago. The rest of the outfit matches the coat well – jeans, blue rhombus-printed scarf, and black shoes.


Nature Bridge Close-Ups

What better way to usher in spring than to post a couple of lovely close-ups on the classic North Tehran destination, the famous Nature Bridge? Below, a woman in a gorgeous red trench coat, beige scarf showing dark hair, and big sunglasses is posing in front of a glamorous Northern view and a big shrub…


..and another woman in a black quilted coat and the classical Burberry plaid scarf from which highlighted hair flies in the wind holds her adorable son (in a cool tweed hooded coat himself!) on the bridge- what a stunning and gentle photo!


Light Blue Manteau Selfie on the Beach

Most of the island resort photos come from the famous Kish Island resort…but there is a second island called Qeshm, which is smaller and used to be less developed. Now, Qeshm Island is developing as strongly as its bigger sister island, and for the first time, I bring you… from Qeshm Island. As expected, it is not as flashy as the fashion from Kish, but it’s still a pretty cool light blue manteau worn with a semi-transparent dark blue scarf, black skinny pants, and grey sneakers. Hope to see more selfies like this fromĀ  Qeshm Island soon!



Student Outfit and Mural Wall

There is quite an interesting juxtaposition of the girl in the classical all-black student outfit, complete with pushed-back snood and blue sneakers, walking along a wall with a mural of men walking in the same direction. A graffiti artist had painted a speech bbuble next to one of the men, which has been painted over….I wonder what he had put there?


Traffic Mime, Cone Hairstyle, and a Nose Bandage

The man in the green outfit and the funny wig and mask is a special mime that teaches children about proper traffic rules. The little boy is learning while his mom is looking fabulous in an awesome black leather jacket with fabric sleeves (to add to this, it is worn unzipped over a black and gold top and paired with skinny pants tucked into tall cognac-colored boots). I love it because I have a furry jacket with black knit sleeves that is of a similar length. The classical Northern accessory of a nose bandage is here, as is a snood perched atop a super-tall cone hairstyle (most likely, achieved with a flower pin…something like this, perhaps). It’s pretty awesome to see that this style is still going strong.


Leather Coat and Boots at Painting Exhibition

Leather gives manteau style that tough,”take no crap from anyone” feel….so I happen to love the outfit below, worn at a painting exhibition, the perennial source of great manteau style. The leather coat and tall boots looks great with the unique beige scarf covered with a black pattern (almost looks like a velvet embossed pattern).