Blue Coats- Embroidered and Drop Waist

One of these blue coats is from 2014- I do like the multicolored squares embroidered on the front…


..and one of them is from 2015- this one has no embroidery, but it does have a nice drop waist and 3/4 length sleeves. I like the combination of the blue coat with the white pants and draped scarf (even the little boy is wearing a matching blue shirt!). By the way, she is not carrying a cane because her leg hurts – she is carrying a cane because she is hiking in a mountainous park in one of the Caspian resorts!


Patterned Coats, Beige Scarves

These outfits have several things in common- they both feature patterned coats and open beige scarves with hair flowing down the back. The interesting thing about the flower-print coat below? The fact that these are identical twin sisters wearing exactly the same outfit!


The pattern on this coat is paisley, and the hair flowing proudly from the back and sides of the scarf is light auburn, but the concept is very similar to the above outfit. The Turkish flag on the brochure the girl is holding is due to the fact that this photo was taken at an expo of modern Turkish art.


Sitting on a Tank Bench in Yellow and Blue Coats

Yes, you heard it right…a bench shaped like a tank…seriously! At least, the outfits are beautiful- the blue manteau has ribbed sleeves and is worn with an all-blue ensemble, including jeans, Converse-style shoes, and a scarf showing off dark hair. The bright yellow coat, worn with black pants and pushed-back snood, is unique because of its brooch closure- this is quite rare, although this is the 2nd time this year I have seen a coat like this (see here for the first one). Shockingly enough, her shoes are the same shade of bright yellow as the coat- I wonder how long it took to find them.


Pink Poncho Manteau and Beige Coat at Youth Art Expo

Unfortunate, the photo is quite small..but the outfits are nice- the classic beige manteau is worn with a red scarf and white pants, while the pink poncho coat is worn with a light grey scarf, black pants, and pink sneakers. I like this color combination and think it’s perfect to wear at a youth art expo, since this outfit is definitely modern!


Black Manteaus – The Classic Lives On

The classic black coat continues in all of its many incarnations, as you can see below. This one is with a slightly asymmetrically cut hem and worn with a bright fuchsia scarf and sneakers for contrast (and to draw attention tot he hair and face). The blue plaid manteau is nice also, since it is worn open or semi-open with a black long-sleeve top underneath and is paired with jeans with pink satin cuffs.


This coat has an asymmetric panel also, but with a zipper extending longer on one side than on the other. I have to admit, this is the first time I’ve seen something like this….but it does work. The classic black snood and pants are worn here.


The black trench coat worn unbuttoned is proudly on display here, and the red pants (matching the large bag) and beautiful silk scarf give a sophisticated feel to this look..this is similar to vintage styles from 2005 or so.


This black coat has embroidery on the front, also in black, which means it’s not as visible unless you look closely…but it looks great. Worn with brown silky leggings and matching scarf showing off platinum blond hair, this look is urban and modern.


Transparent Insert Manteaus- the Newest Style

They’re finally here…and manteau haters are seething because these awesome coats are defining what the style truly is – so body-revealing and glamorous! They are all in black and all beautiful, as you can see below in this grainy image showing a coat with transparent panels on the sleeves (worn with a paisley scarf).


This coat has patterned lace panels on both the sleeves and hem, which gives it a slightly lingerie-inspired look, which means “bad-ass”!


As for me, I myself was so inspired by the trend that I mentioned it..and got a present for my birthday in the form of this awesome maxi lace cardigan.


The strangest thing is that apparently, these things became popular here because of the Kardashians….I do not care about any of them, so to me, it means nothing. I still think this lace cardigan (fully see-through AND open down the front) is awesome and represents a perfect example of manteau-inspired style. The only downside to it is that it is way too long for my shorter self, and so I have to get it hemmed….currently, it is not very practical in the colder fall weather, although I hope to get more use from it next summer.

Galaxy Swirl Print Coat

One of the more outrageous coats that’s been posted this year, this manteau features a wild yellow swirl print over a grey-burgundy galaxy-like background (which goes well with the burgundy silk scarf, at least). The black skinny jeans and high heels are subdued enough to save this outfit from veering into self-parody.


Four Manteaus at a Roadside Cleanup

Strangely enough, nice manteaus can be found even at these forest/roadside clean-up events- you have to appreciate people who want to look great even when picking up garbage (which is an important social function anyway). The four manteaus here are great- ranging from simple black manteau (worn with a strangely “wintery” jacket with a fur-rimmed hood) to beige trench coat (worn with a yellow scarf) or dark blue manteau with a bright sky blue hoodie on top of it (worn with a black snood tucked into the hoodie). All show off the hair beautifully and all look great!


Walking in Black Flower Print Manteau

This outfit comes from yet another large walking event (similar to this one from earlier this month or this one from a couple months ago). I like the combination of the black coat with the flower print – it has a vaguely Japanese feel to it. Add jeans with embroidery, black pushed-back snood, and black sneakers with bright green (!) thick soles, and you get a very comfortable and cool outfit.


Red Coat With Swirl Print Skirt

This is an outfit from a sculpture expo, and yes, it is one of the rare “coat with skirt” combinations. The red manteau with a complex floral design on the hem is worn with a red and black swirl print skirt, thick black tights, black flat shoes, and a black snood from which hair flows out of the front AND back! It’s great to see that the latter style can be easily accomplished with snoods just as well as with scarves.



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