Nature Bridge – Selfies and Beyond

What would a summer be without a great set of photos from the Nature Bridge? First is a selfie (with selfie stick even) of a cool black manteau with what seems like white edging on the sleeves and a beige scarf framing dark hair…


..then comes a gorgeous view of North Tehran and a couple checking their cell phone- perhaps, they just took a selfie…the girl is rocking a denim coat with two faded areas that are positioned in a surprisingly eye-catching way.



Looking at the view is a beautiful girl in a beige belted manteau worn with a dark burgundy scarf showing off lots of hair…


…but that scarf is nothing compared to this fully open pink scarf 0- blond hair flows proudly down the back of this girl’s beige manteau and no one, NO ONE, can do a thing about it! I love to see this, especially against that classic Northern view.


Olive Green Coat With Shoulder Appliques

I tried to post this photo yesterday, but for some reason, the site was down…so here it is- an olive green trench coat with beautiful flower appliques on the shoulders from which chains of beads drape down. I have two sleeveless waterfall cardigans that have epaulets with chains draping down (without flowers though), and I think that is a great look- a perfect balance between punk rock and more mainstream. The silk scarf in this photo is worn rounded, rather than raised up but still shows lots of hair.


Navy Coat, Burgundy Shoes, and an Orange Metal Fence

I enjoy this thoroughly unmatching outfit – navy blue manteau, black and white printed scarf falling below the chest but still showing hair, black quilted bag, blue jeans, and burgundy shoes. The orange metal fence behind the girl looks similar to some of the other fence backdrops on the blog (especially this one); however, this photo is from the Caspian region, not North Tehran, and this fence is plain orange without black panels.


Black Coat and Rolled Up Jeans on an Escalator

The outfit, with the basic black coat, rolled up jeans, black pushed-back scarf, tall laced-up boots, and aviator sunglasses, is a throwback to the vintage 2003-05 styles, especially to that “urban combat” fashion popular in that era. I have always wanted to put a photo on the blog from one of those overpasses with the glass roof that go above busy city streets, and I have finally found it!


3 Student Outfits and White Gloves

These classical monochromatic student outfits (well, not quite…hunter green is rarely a part of student outfits, yet it is present on the girl on the left) are joined by yet another classical feature- white gloves, as seen on the girl in the center. White gloves worn with manteaus make no statement except that the wearer doesn’t want her hands to tan! You can see more white gloves with manteaus here and here.


Three Outfits by a Bicycle Flower Bed

There are actually 3 outfits in the photo, but only 1 is fully visible- that is the blue and white tunic worn over the white long-sleeve top and rolled-up jeans. The red scarf contrasts the girl’s black hair, red lipstick, and fair skin (it’s almost like a Snow White look!). The other two girls, one in a black coat and snood and the other in a black coat and beige scarf, are taking photos of the amazing antique bicycle flower bed!