Digital Media Expo Fashions

First, there was the conventional media expo…then right after it, came the digital media expo. There were not as many cool outfits at the latter, but I was still able to find some cool styles. Even this conventional all-black “student outfit”is made livelier by the burgundy sneakers. The snood is pushed back to show off streaked hair and the make-up is similar to that famous Northern style…


…I am not sure what the spinning wheel is about, but I do like this marled grey open sweater coat…this type of knit is very popular this year. The snood is, once again, pushed back very far to show off jet black hair.


..finally, another black and burgundy combination- this time, the longer (below the knee) black coat is worn with a burgundy scarf with some logos printed on it…and brown shoes, strangely enough.



Fall Park Scene – Couple Standing Shoulder to Shoulder

A couple poses for a photo in a classic fall scene at a Northern park, with golden leaves carpeting the ground. The woman’s outfit is pretty cool- she actually wears a beige jacket over a black manteau and black pants tucked into brown boots. It’;s a sure sign that winter is coming when you see jackets over manteaus! 🙂 Her scarf is bright orange, which does not match the rest of the outfit.



Classic Car Expo Fashions

These photos are great, in that they actually show the classic cars, which are pretty awesome, as well as the stylish outfits…below are two manteaus, black and beige, worn with black leggings (or skinny pants?) and light beige scarves (although the one on the left has a yellow tinge to it).


The red and black plaid hooded manteau looks astounding against a red sports car…and the snood is perched atop a tall hairstyle. The black studded boots add an even more rebellious feel.


The Best for Last – Two Media Expo Outfits

Finally, here are the best two outfits from the media expo- these are truly awesome. The blue manteau looks regular with jeans and a matching scarf, but what a difference that black and silver gothic collar makes! It immediately adds a touch of rebelliousness and..yes, coolness…to the whole outfit.


I thought the sleeveless denim manteau below had ruffles on the collar, but upon closer examination, it is actually a print in the fabric. The fact it worn as a dress with black leggings (or tights??) and an olive green top is certainly awesome, as is the loosely draped scarf.


I enjoyed these outfits very much and wish there were more like this!

Dust Masks on a Higher Level

These 3 outfits are from a very special area, one that inspires my mind…and two of the three involve dust masks. These ones do not, but they do involve a beautiful mint green scarf pushed back by a thin white headband…and worn fully open to show off a long braid! The black shoes with gold square heels on the woman in the beige scarf are truly unique items.


This coat is made of brown tweed-like fabric and IS worn with a dust mask as well as a cool scarf in grey, green, and yellow stripes…


..while this outfit involves a red jacket over an olive green manteau, a green scarf pushed back, and a “carpet bag”, that classic indie/rebellious manteau style accessory!