Grey, White, and Pink at Kite Festival

Two of the 3 outfits from this kite festival features grey and white combinations…the coat below is printed and is worn with a light blue scarf and grey jeans…


This is a half-and-half coat with a solid top and plaid bottom…and is worn with black high heels. The beautiful kite deserves to fly…


…and this kite has already flown! Surprisingly, this is the only woman in the set who is wearing a pink coat (albeit with some lace inserts on the sleeves).


Still Busy…

Yes, I am still busy…most days, I go to sleep way past midnight and wake up early for work…and when I don’t have to work, I try to sleep longer. My days off are, for now, still consumed with setting up some very important stuff…..which leaves no time for blogging for me.

Apparently, this year, there is no media expo, so unfortunately, no awesome outfits such as these ones from 2017, or even these ones from 2016.…there are still lots of awesome photos out there. I have had time to save photos, but no time to sit down and post…until now (and I promise I will post at least once next week).

Here’s a funny photo from the summer though…3 manteaus with pushed-back snoods, 1 in beautiful and meaningful emerald green, 2 denim ones, one of which is unbuttoned to show a shirt with what looks like a Turkish  slogan..and well, a t-shirt on one of the guys with a slightly profane but funny slogan…heavy lifting, for sure…





Sporadic Posts

So..I have some big projects that I am currently working on, and I simply do not have enough time in the day to post here so often…so I will update sporadically, especially over the next few months. I do have enough time to get pics, but posting itself is a challenge….I end up posting late at night, which is not optimal for me.  So that’s where I am at right now….see you later.

Urban Combat Style in Park

The urban combat manteaus look so awesome in this park photo- I am so happy this style is still around! The olive green, asymmetrical hem manteau has patches and is worn with a red scarf that matches the girl’s hair color perfectly. The brown straight-line tunic is worn with skinny olive green pants and a black scarf showing off blond hair. I love this rebellious, punk-rock-inspired style and hope to continue to see it everywhere!

روز طبیعت در پارک لاله 33 |Ï2@#o¿>

Beige Manteau with Pin-Striped Pockets

This coat proves that the contrasting pocket trend from 2017 is still going strong- the woman’s beige manteau boasts navy blue and white pin-striped pockets. I like the green, black, and white swirl-print scarf too, even though it does not match the pockets. This park looks a bit like the famous Art Garden, but I can’t say for sure- many parks have this type of wall.

بوستان باغ ایرانی 7

Getting Ready for Picnics in the Parks

Here are some outfits worn at various picnics in parks…such as this grey striped manteau that creates an optical illusion of a swirling spiral.

روز طبیعت در بوستان گفتگو 18

This longer black coat is worn with a purple scarf and black leggings…


…while this navy blue coat has brown edging on the sleeves and is worn for the preparation of some barbecued meat…


..the coat on the left is trimmed with a multicolored striped pattern on the cuffs, pockets, and closure. If this looks similar, here’s the beige version of this coat from 2016 and once again from  2017! The black coat on the right is worn with a colorful top underneath and mahogany red boots, which is cool for a picnic, even if it is a bit too warm…


..and the most summery outfit of all- a bright yellow coat,  flowery paisley scarf and beige sneakers- great for a picnic in the park!



Black Open Trench Coat, Silk Printed Scarf, and Flip-Flops

It looks like this black trench coat is worn open on a mountain path to show off a blue top or tunic with some zigzag prints. The prints do match the blue and yellow silk scarf, draped low…however, the more interesting parts of the outfit is the flip-flops (not the best choice for mountain hiking) and the black leggings, of course.


Black Coats, Plaid Scarves

I was sick with another epic cold, which often happens to me at the beginning of fall…this year was not an exception. Anyway, I am feeling better enough to post something..such as these 2 black manteaus worn with Burberry print plaid scarves but in different colors from the usual beige- one is grey and pink, in silk, worn near an ornamental pool…


…and one white, in wool, worn at a painting museum.