Beige and Black Coats at the Flower Market

Out of the three outfits worn at this flower market, two involve beige manteaus, and one involves a black one. Let’s see the latter first…it appears to be a waterfall cardigan, in fact! Those red tulips are absolutely stunning….


Now, for the beige coats…first, here is an open one with a black and white polka dot top underneath and a white scarf showing off dark brown hair…


..and this beige coat is buttoned up but worn with a…strangely enough, a polka dot scarf but in beige and brown, framing blond hair and groomed eyebrows.

بازار گل شهید محلاتی 7


Student Outfit in the Mountain Sledge

We’ve already seen one photo of a girl walking by this motorized sledge running on a track in a North Tehran mountain resort. Now, finally, here is a photo of a girl actually riding IN the sledge…while wearing the classical student outfit- black coat, jeans, pushed-back snood, and sneakers (these ones are slightly taller than usual and are black and green). Her face does not seem too happy though…perhaps, this sledge is not as fun as it looks.

بوستان گلاب دره 13£aõ‰

Shiny Zippered Leather Coat

Traditionally, there is an increase in photos of leather and denim coats in the spring and fall…and this spring is no exception. We’ve already seen plenty of both types of coats, and more are still coming. This couple walking in the park is wearing matching outfits (dark top and jeans), but the woman has a very special detail – a shiny black leather coat with a zipper down the side, as opposed to the typical front-zippered coat. She also boasts a beautiful grey scarf worn fully open AND lifted up by sunglasses to show as much hair as possible!


Sleeveless Flower Print Coat Selfie

This is yet another selfie next to some egg sculptures; however, these are not the huge installations I posted earlier but, rather, some smaller painted eggs and blue bowls with other spring-like items (looks like flowers and garlic) in them. The black shoes with stripes or cut-outs on the sides seem to be appearing quite often this spring. The manteau, a sleeveless one worn over a black long-sleeve top, is covered with a bright flower print, which is also very spring-like, and the pushed-back snood shows off lovely make-up and auburn hair nicely. The theater behind them is the same one that showed up in this photo – it is in downtown Tehran, and it is an iconic building that dates back to the 1970s.


Navy Blue and Mint Green Combination

What do you think about this combination – a navy blue manteau and a beautiful mint green scarf with cutwork on the edges? I think the colors look cool together – I occasionally do wear blue tops with mint green pants or other tops and find it not be too jarring. Actually, this is the second time I have seen an outfit like this – here, you can find one from 2016 with the same color combination.


Stunning Burgundy Quilted Manteau

This outfit was too amazing to be just added to the previous spring shopping post, so it is getting its very own post. The burgundy manteau is soft and quilted and is worn with stylish beige pants, black boots, and a beige scarf through the back and sides of which long golden hair proudly flows. The woman herself is beautiful..and reminds me of an old coworker of mine a long time ago..