Driving in a Tiger Print Scarf

Love the way that tiger scarf is pushed back and tied low to show off beautiful blond hair and heavy Northern-style make-up…and speaking of Northern style, the shaved off and tattooed eyebrows on the girl on the left are an epitome of the extreme Northern style (be careful if you wish to try it at home..).


Intriguing Spring 2015 Manteau Styles

These may be the spring 2015 manteau styles..and the most intriguing thing about them is the color. I’ve seen it all, from light pastels to bright flower-inspired reds and greens…but I have not yet seen classic “fall colors”, such as black, gold, and burgundy/oxblood, used in spring styles…and yet, here they are. In the photo below, there is a more “spring-like” turquoise coat on the right…


…while here, all coats are of the above autumnal shades. Despite that, they look classy and glamorous..and I am glad to see chain belts making a comeback!


White Plaid Waterfall Cardigan

Most of the time, the Burberry plaid pattern is seen ion scarves, but rarely, it appears on coats, usually in its classic beige incarnation. However, here it is on a white plaid manteau in the waterfall cardigan style- a first! I think it looks cool (worn with black pants and snood) and look forward to seeing more versions of it on coats in different colors.


Bossini Sale Hoodie Over Manteau

Bossini is a casual clothing brand from Hong Kong which is very popular in Asia, from what I understand…Many North Tehran stores seem to be selling it, and this is not an exception, as through a Bossini sale sign, a girl emerges wearing that classic staple of winter comfort, a soft charcoal grey hoodie over a black manteau (with black skinny pants, sneakers, and a pushed back scarf, of course).


Beige Manteau and Snow Hello Kitty

Wearing a beige manteau with a definite blush-ink tinge and matching laced-up boots and a snood with a wool scarf around the neck, this woman poses by a huge sculpture of…something that looks like Hello Kitty but made completely out of snow…pretty cool!


Green Patterned Coat at Environmental Expo

Of course, the green color fits well into the environmental theme of the expo (something related to plastics is being constructed)…it looks somewhat like a poncho with some paisley designs (worn with pushed0-back snood) and does appear extremely comfortable. I have a huge poncho just like this on which I have had a button attached so that I can close it and get some warmth…


Blue Trench Coat and Many Scarves

The girl is wearing a cool blue trench coat with the black snood tucked in the collar and a matching quilted handbag….and many scarves (obviously for sale) hanging all around…I do like the way they look= all the patterns are pretty cool.


Winter Manteaus – Furry Hoods, Tall Boots

It’s almost over, but since it’s not…here are some lovely winter styles – parka manteaus, fur-edged hoods worn up but with hair flowing out, “double scarfing” (snood pushed back, scarf on neck), and tall (up to the knee) leather boots over jeans. All of these make for very warm and stylish outfits.


Beige Coat and Pants at Photography Expo

I like the artistic shot of this couple at a photography expo, and the beige coat and matching pants are cool..the red scarf provides a nice contrast to the neutral hues of the outfit.


Pink Sweater Coat and Leggings at Bike Park

I am not sure if this lady will be riding a bike in this outfit but I guess it’s pretty comfortable for that- leggings, sneakers, a warm pink button0-down sweater coat, and a black and white striped scarf showing off lovely red hair…very cool.



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