3 Light Tunnel Manteaus

This amazing light tunnel art installation is hosting 3 awesome outfits, all involving black manteaus and leggings. Beyond that, however, the similarities end, as each otufit boasts a unique element, from the classic plaid Burberry print scarf on the right to the light green scarf draped loosely on the left to the half-and-half manteau structure in the middle (black top half, flower-print bottom half) – this one is very similar to this coat from 2015…plus check out those white platform sneakers- flawless! P.S. The little girl’s fashion is pretty awesome as well- the top and shrug are adorable!



Kite Festival Outfits

These outfits were worn at a kite festival, as can be seen below. They are also significant because of several unique styles showcased in this set, such as a) the chambray coat with some cutwork designs on the right, but in gray instead of the typical blue, and b) the first instance of a cocoon coat, in black with sleeves cut above the elbow, on the left. I have to say, the cocoon style looks great, and I have seen one more coat like this, which will be posted later.


This manteau has a white insert with multicolored feather print, which is also a first on the blog.


This outfit is just awesome because it’s head-to-toe turquoise, yet the scarf still shows the woman’s short auburn hairstyle, and the metal plate bracelet is really avant-garde.


Mint Green Outfit at the Auto Show

I am going to take a break from the blog for the weekend – just for my birthday, as well as for other events I am attending. In addition, I read a disturbing blog post recently from a blog to which I had been subscribed (needless to say, I unsubscribed from this blog immediately) that made me feel uneasy…it had nothing to do with me directly, but the subject matter and the tone in which the post was written were quite upsetting to me, so I really appreciate not blogging for a couple of days.

Luckily, looking at this beautiful outfit, worn at an auto show, cheers me up, as it is all mint green, which is one of my favorite colors. The flat shoes are black and the scarf is white, but they go well with the beautiful mint shade (I especially love the patterned tunic…and I own mint green pants, which I wear often).


Searching for Pokemon in Manteaus

If you thought manteau style would pass this trend by…you were wrong. So now, we have people dressed in cool outfits searching for tiny non-existent characters in large North Tehran parks (even though the game is filtered, of course, people can get it easily). Looks like the scarf worn by the girl in the light blue manteau below is a Burberry plaid one with some blue edging and beige sections. Also, check out the cool black, white, and red patterned coat worn by the girl behind her.


The outfit is pretty awesome here – the fuchsia sweater worn over a green top and the multicolored patterned leggings are amazing. Hope they found the Pokemon they were looking for.


Styles from the Furniture Expo

The following set of photos comes from an expo dedicated to modern furniture. Of course, some of this furniture is a bit too excessive “Northern style”, with its brocade pillows and curved couches, but the outfits make up for that…especially the cool black manteau below with its asymmetrical hem, worn with black leggings, black and white sandals, and a beige scarf perched atop a beautifully coiffed tall hairstyle.


This black and white polka dot manteau is worn with a semi-diaphanous black scarf through which the woman’s highlighted hair is visible…love it!


Finally, the two outfits below exemplify casual manteau style- both involve longer tunics and baggier pants, yet the scarves still show lots of hair, and the coats are pretty cool- both the plaid black and white one on the left and the black asymmetrical hem one (worn with a zebra scarf- I love this print!) on the right.


Fringy Scarf and Student Outfit at Painting Exhibition

Just when you thought the famous fringy scarf of 2005-07 has disappeared again…it makes a surprise appearance at a painting exhibition, bright red in all its fringy glory and worn with a black manteau.


At the same exhibition, a classic student outfit can be seen – not a single element was missed, from the pushed-back snood to the black coat to the jeans and sneakers. Glad to see this staple of manteau style still hanging around…


Paisley and Fuchsia Coats on Suspension Bridge

The suspension bridge in question is located in Ardabil province in Northwestern Iran (not near Caspian resorts but also a popular resort destination) and is considered to be the longest in the Middle East. As often seen with resorts, interesting fashions make an appearance, especially the black and white manteau covered by  a paisley pattern, worn with black platform sandals, pants, and scarf. There is also a beautiful fuchsia coat with gold buttons worn by the woman on the right, and it appears that both coats are part of an epic selfie.