Tie-Dyed Rose Print Manteau

The pattern on this flowery coat looks like a faded/tie-dyed rose print, which is certainly a first. The coat is very stylish and looks great together with the black pants and pushed-back matching scarf…and the little girl’s double-layered dress and pink sandals are so adorable! The fashionista gene was passed on successfully :-)


Green Poncho Coat Against Amazing Tiles

Two reasons why I love this photo?

1). The green square poncho coat with red and gold design (matching the girl’s red scarf showing off dark brown hair and red lipstick) looks very similar to a huge square poncho I received as a present last year and which has been very useful to me this year!

2). The tile work behind the girl is amazing…I absolutely love it – it is a masterpiece!


Long Black Coat With Leggings on the Beach

It’s weird because this photo reminds me of this 2007 classic – possibly because of the black coat and pink scarf combination and the gloomy Caspian beach resort setting in both…however, in the photo below, the manteau is below the knee, the leggings are a contemporary touch (no rolled-up jeans anymore), and the scarf is on the head rather than the shoulders, although it is pushed back so far the girl’s entire pony-tailed hairstyle is visible. Wish I could see the second girl’s outfit, but the umbrella covers it…


Green and Ikat Coats at Tile Expo

These coats came from an expo of tiles and ceramics (although the background behind the girls says “French Oak” and looks more like wood finishing to me) and they do not disappoint. The green coat with the black skinny pants, sandals, and scarf is a classic look, while the ikat-print coat (worn with a printed silk scarf tied low) is definitely avant-garde. I am glad to see the ikat pattern is still going strong and showing up in manteau styles!


Painting Outdoors in White Coat and Black Leggings

This girl is painting a tropical scene outdoors while wearing an awesome outfit- white manteau with turquoise cuffs, red, blue, and green swirl-printed scarf showing off dark hair, and…yes..black leggings (looks like they are cut off above the ankles too). It’s great to see leggings still going strong with manteau styles!


Three Manteaus at a Rooftop Picnic

The rooftop where this picnic is being held is actually at a Caspian resort which is comprised of stepwise flat-roofed houses going up a mountain so that the rooftop of each lower level is the sidewalk of each upper level- incredible! The fashions being worn are aswesome as well; in fact, the women in the leather jacket and the black hoodie over the light pink coat are wearing very similar yellow scarves with different prints, which were huge in 2014. The star of the photo is thwe third woman, in her astonishing red knit manteau with Fair Isle=style patterns on the shoulders and belt, black and white leopard print scarf (love it!!!)showing off a towering hairstyle, and red platform-soled sneakers (I actually have shoes like this only with ribbon ties around the ankle).


Artistic Style – Beautiful!

Since this girl is an artist herself, you know the outfit she wears at her gallery show will be awesome..and it is! The manteau is a really a short fitted jacket worn o[over a shirt, the jeans are cut-off, the open-toed lace-up boots (!) show off red nail polish, and the scarf is diaphanous and worn as a hair accessory…


..especially in the photo below, where you can also see a cool cartoon character-like print on her white shirt). It’s weird because she looks a bit like a girl I once knew in university; however, that girl was one of the most unpleasant (and badly dressed) people I have ever met, while this girl is creative and cool!


Artistic Style – Beautiful!



Plaid Hair Ribbon Couple

Well, only one half of the couple is wearing said ribbon…but it is looking beautiful on the girl and helping her push back the snood to show her hair! Wish I could see more of her outfit- it looks very glamorous with a black satin component (not sure if this is a top or a coat).


White Coat in the Palace

Against a magnificent North Tehran palace background (those tiles are awesome!), there is an equally amazing modern outfit of a white manteau paired with skinny jeans, a green scarf with star print, and grey Mary Jane-style shoes. Actually, the style of this outfit reminds me of the vintage 2003-05 manteau style, which I miss…



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