Two Black and White Zigzag-Print Coats

This may be the same black-and-white zigzag-printed coat….or maybe these are two different (yet very similar) coats, but in any case, both looks are stunning. Aas you can see, you can rock this coat this way – at a calligraphy expo with a black long-sleeve top and a black scarf with a Burberry plaid pattern…..


… or this way – at the park with  black pants and a rhinestone-decorated black scarf pushed back suing sunglasses (and a tassel-decorated bag).


No matter what way you choose to wear the zigzag-printed coat, it looks great!


Biking in Blue and White Checkered Manteau

There are some artistic effects in this photo that make it a bit too blurry for my liking, but I guess these are supposed to illustrate the joy of riding a bike and the sensation of the wind blowing across one’s face and hair (in a pushed-back black scarf) etc…I like that at least, the cool blue and white checkered manteau was not blurred.


Denim Coats with Black Scarves

Both of the photos below show an outfit consisting of a denim manteau, jeans, and a black scarf with dark hair showing from the front. In the first case, howewer, the background is a beautiful wall installation comprised of colorfully painted tires.


In the second case, there is a little boy in a cool leather jacket present…and there is a phone booth and an old building behind the woman. Other than that, though, the outfits are identical and look classic and great!


A Few Throwback Styles

Now let’s take a brief trip back in time to 2014….and enjoy a few cool outfits. Three of the four outfits actually feature snoods….such as the one below. The brown belted coat has gold-grommet-decorated pockets and a soft belt and looks great with jeans and whiter sneakers.


This is a close-up of a green manteau worn with a classic pushed-back snood.


This coat is my personal favorite due to its warm peach color. Worn with black skinny pants and brown flats and a snood showing blond-streaked hair,  this coat looks amazing!


The only outfit worn with a scarf (in bright red) involves a blue tunic and black leggings..and beige flat shoes. Nothing matches, yet everything looks gorgeous!


Black Coat, Silk Multicolored Scarf, and a Street Musician

This photo was not taken by the famous yellow and green rhombus fence….but it was taken by a blue and grey rhombus fence! I wonder if this fence will become a new site for awesome outfit sightings….such as this one.  I love how the black knee-length manteau has slits and high-cut hem to show the jeans and matches the black flat shoes. The silk scarf is pink with multicolored patterns and is worn tied low. I wonder what kind of music that stringed instrument that the musician is playing makes…would be cool if this photo had sound!