Welcome to Manteaus Daily!

Welcome to Manteaus Daily. Manteaus are glamorous and rebellious tight body-hugging coats or tunics or shirt dresses. They are a distinctly European outfit, based on the British and French trench coat. However, in the last 5 years, they have become a Middle Eastern, specifically Iranian/Persian, symbol of freedom, love for democracy, and the proud and defiant desire of women to represent themselves as fully sexual human beings.

As a young woman who has experienced life in a dictatorial country (in Europe, not in the Middle East, but still) up close and is proud to have lived in a free Western country for most of her life, I simply adore looking at this fashion and love to express the ideas behind it through my own style. I love ANY defiant fashion- my three major influences are L.A./San Fernando Valley sexual culture, NYC hip-hop culture, and of course, the manteau culture. I own about 20 different types of manteaus, all bought here.

This blog is the only place where those who love to wear this fashion or to look at women that do can get their fix.  I may also post some pics of myself wearing my own version of this fashion (mine is even more tight fitting than the Persian style, involves the wearing of low baseball caps with scarves on shoulders rather than scarves on the head OR wearing a hood or snood pushed back on the head, and is much more hip-hop influenced).

Almost every day I will post a picture from my huge collection of manteau style photos.

Enjoy Manteaus Daily and please show your support for all Western values-seeking movements worldwide!




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