This pic shows how a true manteau should look like- the main word is BODY HUGGING. Every curve of the figure is exposed and highlighted to showcase the sensual and sexual nature of the woman wearing it. This is how I like to wear mine.

P.S. I bought a brown one yesterday on sale- very cheaply. It looks great, but I think a button is missing. I will have to get one resown from another part of the coat. I tried on some polka dotted ones, and they were just a tiny bit too tight on me. They would have been okay if I had not worn a long-sleeve top underneath; however, that is how I wear them in the winter. There were also checkered ones in many color combinations (red and white, green and white, black and grey), but I didn’t have the time and energy to try on more. Maybe in the future….
P.P.S. I like the black-and-grey striped long sweater coat in this pic maybe because I have a similar sweater. In fact, her style reminds me of the casual style I wear to work (with flats and black pants), sans scarf (on my head anyway). I do wear a printed silk or pashmina scarf around my neck with this style when I go out in it! curvesinmanteaus


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