Ain’t it funny?

Whenever I make a post, WordPress puts links to posts from other WordPress blogs containing similar keywords. Sometimes, I check them out for a laugh. I was quite amused to find my post from yesterday, extolling the virtues of rebellious manteaus, linked to a blog post which was from a blog by a woman who seems adamant that such clothing is “rare”, “marginal”, worn only by a minority of “10%”, and that “most women, given the choice, wouldn’t wear it”. Most of this is, of course, UNTRUE and is invented to advance a very narrow-minded and dangerous agenda.
Manteau is a FRENCH word, a European word meaning simply “coat”. The percentage of urban women wearing it is over 50%, and the percentage of young women wearing it is probably 80-85%. Definitely not a 10% item! Hatred of tight and body-highlighting clothing only reveals one’s parochial, narrow-minded mentality, which is simply unacceptable in the 21st century!!! This is a mentality even predating the Middle Ages.
The whole world is evolving towards a greater acceptance of the sexual self everywhere! Some countries will experience regressive spasms along the way, but I firmly believe that with globalization, the Internet, and all forms of modern knowledge and communication, we will reach our common goal soon, sooner than later. No one will accept any devolution of progress, and this blog is a proud reminder to those that want to impede progress of what they are missing out on.
That said, the rant is done, and here’s a picture of what a “sexy manteau” really is! Hopefully, it won’t link me to one of THOSE blogs, but if it does, enjoy it, girls! You wish you wore this, and I wear it like that with my HAIR out, buttons undone, shoulder scarf or pulled back snood, sometimes a hat or headband to highlight my hair, make-up, perfume, high heels, jewelry, and oh yeah….an attitude to make MEN STARE! Including my boyfriend!
And if you really like rebellious fashion…check that out. Of course, this so-called rebel is now a mockery of what she used to be and would probably hate this blog!


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