Same girl, same coat

This is a first….two pics of the same girl, wearing the same coat, separated by a year, and taken in completely different contexts! Allow me to illustrate.

The pic below was taken in the summer of 2008 (around June-July) featuring a stylish girl walking in a rainstorm. She is wearing a distinctive grey-and-black striped dress manteau. I really liked her outfit because I had bought a lovely grey-and-black short-sleeved tunic just a couple months previous. My tunic was not intended to be manteau-style at all, but I found that by putting 3/4 or long sleeve tops underneath, I could give it quite the manteau vibe!


So is that it?

Almost one year later, in spring of 2009, here is THAT SAME GIRL with THAT SAME coat on, waving a palm branch at a “green movement” rally. The only difference seems to be that now she has pushed her sleeves up a bit and replaced her loosely wrapped black scarf with a pushed-back snood.

I wonder if this girl will ever appear somewhere else in this same outfit?


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