Manteau Mood 6

I really love this girl’s modern youthful style- it is very close to what I wear. She has a green top with 3/4 sleeves on and a black sleeveless top over it, black skinny pants, and black flat shoes. Note the black lightly draped scarf and what looks either like a pair of sunglasses or a red ribbon pushing her hairstyle up and the scarf back. I believe she is my green rebel for the week. I have found many more amazing green rebels, which will be posted soon.
P.S. My green heart bracelet broke. 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 (lasted only 2 months!!!)
P.P.S. I have bought a green Burberry-ish print top that is the length of a very short jacket manteau (but slightly longer in the back than the front). I think that makes a nice statement too.


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