Manteaus and Uggs!

Hate them or love them, Uggs are very popular boots (and terribly overpriced, unless you buy them in a discount store). I am not a fan of the classic beige Uggs, but I make do with nice leopard print imitation ones I bought at my favorite store, and today, I am going to buy the knit imitation ones with the buttons on the side…so the point of this post is as follows: do Uggs go well with manteaus? To illustrate, I have found the following picture. Both boots in the pic are skinnier than the typical Uggs, but the style is pretty much similar. Two of the girls have the “hoodie over manteau” look going on (one that I do in the winter out of warmth considerations, but one that still looks weird), and the most rebellious girl has a short tight North American manteau with buttons on them hem and a black scarf with a glittery stripe that covers nothing but rather enhances a gorgeous brown hairstyle. The brown manteau on the right has exactly the same shade of color as the first manteau-style tunic I ever bought (one that says “Rebel” in huge gold letters on the back!). The verdict is in: manteaus and Uggs go very well together!


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