Christmas Shopping in Manteau

Such a thing is definitely possible, and not only Christians do it, either (how would you know anyway? I am sure the people on this blog represent all religions).
First, here is a brand new photo of a very contemporary outfit. A plaid trench coat with a brown buckled belt, jeans tucked into fringed suede boots, and a bright yellow scarf make for a very glamorous, ultra-modern ensemble.

And what do you think about this kind of outfit for Christmas shopping? This is one of the sexiest manteau style outfits I’ve ever seen (from 2008). A grey trench coat is worn with jeans tucked into knee-high (!!!!) black stiletto boots, and a multi-colored scarf and a flower-and-diamond pattern bag complete the ensemble. Her gorgeous long golden hair flows freely on her shoulders, only highlighted by the wisp of scarf in the back. Fr rankly, I think she is one of the most beautiful women on this blog!

Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it.. Hope you and your families enjoy this holiday season…


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