Beautiful Gold and Calligraphy Print Manteaus

These two outfits are absolutely amazing and are on my top manteau list for sure! On the left is a gorgeous flowy gold dress manteau. The girl has loosely thrown on a black scarf that coils down her chest and her blond long hair flows smoothly out the front of it. I adore her make-up and her gorgeous blond hair..she looks like a supermodel!

On the right is a yellow dress manteau that could either be a half-sleeve one with black sleeves or a sleeveless one with a black top underneath. This is the second manteau I have seen with Persian calligraphy print. Once again, as I have said before in this post, this style is good if you want to represent manteau as what it is currently, but for people like myself, who want manteau to be adopted by people of all cultures as a political fashion statement, it would be more relevant to have English slogans on it. That is purely my own opinion; I actually believe that there should be manteaus with slogan in ALL major languages! Indeed, I could wear a manteau with a non-English slogan, as long I know what the translation of it is!


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