The Fringy Scarf Part I

In 2005-06, a strange new trend appeared in manteau fashion. It was the bright, flower-printed, fringe-edged scarf. One blogger even called it “something like your grandma’s tablecloth”, although its print is more reminiscent of some old fashioned curtains. Despite its humble and rustic appearance, the scarf became a hot urban commodity. The then-seminal manteau fashion site featured many pictures of outfits complemented with the fringy scarf. Suddenly in 2007, the scarves disappeared and were completely gone until very late 2009, when they began to crop up again!

This post is the first of two (there are WAY too many pics for one post) dedicated to the beautiful fringy scarves.

Here’s a classic fringy scarf worn with one of the shortest manteaus ever (much like the classic American manteau), short cut-off track pants (!!!), and beige backless stiletto shoes! Okay, the track pants may be a fashion blunder, but the rebelliousness factor is what makes the outfit cool…

Next is a huge purple fringy scarf that is lifted up by a hairstyle and flows down the back. The outfits are classic mid-2000s manteau style outfits with the pants cut slightly above the ankle, and the other girl wears an open scarf (hair flowing through the front and back).

This is one of the most beautiful outfits involving the fringy scarf. This one is black with a purple, pink, and orange pattern, and it is worn with a light-colored flower-printed manteau, jeans, and SKY BLUE clogs!!! I wish there was a front view of this girl.

This woman looks so comfortable in her blue knee-length coat over white flowing pants. She has a white fringy scarf with flower patterns, which is tied loosely and low on her chest to show off her hair, as well as to blow gently in the wind, creating circulation around the head.

And this fringy scarf is black with huge roses printed on it and is wrapped around a tall hairstyle, which gives it the “bonnet effect”.

This pic has five great manteaus in it, but the star of the photo is the blue and pink rose-printed scarf..only instead of the fringe, there is a wide satin border. It looks great with the white, fitted manteau and jeans.

A couple more of the vintage 2005-06 fringy scarves can be seen here, here, and here.


10 thoughts on “The Fringy Scarf Part I

  1. […] I believe that the last 2 photos are from North Tehran’s famous Art Garden, which has a “miniature landmarks” section (as was seen once here). ..I am not certain because there may be some other places with similar gardens. Nevertheless, it is quite exciting to see a woman there wearing a black fringy scarf and jeans cut above the ankle, just like the 2005-07 vintage outfits! […]

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