Cameron Zigzal Fashion Show Manteaus Part I

Cameron Zigzal is a new fashion label, based in England, which aims to bring cutting edge North Tehran fashion to Europe and North America. (At the moment, their women’s collection is not available for sale online).

The next two posts will show manteau styles from the Cameron Zigzal fashion show. By posting these photos, I hope to reinforce the message that I have already stated many times- manteaus, when worn in their most extreme and sensual fashion (I understand that not all of them are worn this way, especially if compulsory, but the ones featured on this blog mostly are), are highly glamorous and sexual pieces that serve to highlight the woman’s body and to draw attention, and this is why I enjoy wearing them! They carry a certain message with them, which I personally am proud to convey!

This pic is quite dark, but the white elbow-sleeve tunic, worn with a brown belt and a beige scarf accessorizing the girl’s blonde, flowing hair, is a classic North American manteau. I have a few of these in different colors.

The white dress manteau on the left has an asymmetric, multi-layered hem with some gold decoration. The coolest feature of this girl is her long, flowing, honey blond hair which flows from the front, back, and sides of a brown and white silk scarf. On the right, a more classic tunic-style white manteau is worn with a grey scarf.

Both of these girls are wearing beige coats and loose neutral colored pants. The bleakness of the clothing is cheered up by the bright colored scarves- orange on the left, yellow on the right. I love how the scarf rests upon a tall hairstyle, which is further highlighted by a white hair ribbon!

Part II is coming tomorrow!


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