More Strange Manteaus

If you remember these manteaus from artistic photo shoots, then I present to you more coats from the same photo shoot!

First, here are some full body shots, and once again, since this is a ‘fashion”/semi-government shoot, you may see scarf styles that are not what classic sexy manteau style may dictate, but the coats are all that!

Since this manteau features a green top half and a paisley-printed silk bottom half and the green lace scarf shows off much hair, I place this one first!

This orange dress manteau has puffy long sleeves and is paired with a orange-and-purple tie dyed scarf wrapped very loosely. Not bad at all…

This is one where the hair arrangement leaves much to be desired, and the dress coat is in green and white “palm leaves” print. There’s also a bunch of applique flowers on the chest. I don’t know if this one works…..

I love this cream gauze tunic though- it is so thin and perfect for summer, and the big pearl pin adds a nice touch. Also note that the sleeves are elbow-length!

I love the satin inserts on the sleeves and belt on this otherwise boring yellow dress manteau, and the jewel at the belt livens it up too!

And here are some torso shots…

This looks like a poncho/butterfly-cut sky blue sweater coat with a huge bow and brown satin ribbon decoration- certainly something I can wear!

This red tunic has a lot of colorful buttons at the neckline and on the sleeves, but it does not seem appealing to me, most likely due to its extremely straight, sack-like shape.

This is not even a real coat- it’s shirt-length. There’s way too much weirdness going on here- from the puffed up in the middle sleeves to the huge pearls and the satin roses on the neck.

This is out of this world….a half-brocade, half-silk tunic decorated with what I can only describe as a large Newton’s cradle! It looks funny, but it cannot be worn seriously!

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