The FUBU Jersey twins

I keep discovering amazing new manteau style photos every day, courtesy of both Tooring 360 and a couple more websites which I was able to access now, thanks to Google Translate. These photos are from 2010-11, and they will be posted throughout the year. I still have quite a few 2003-04 vintage photos to post too, and this is one of them. These girls are twins wearing the same white and blue oversized FUBU jerseys as manteaus, black scarves tied under the chin with spiky, jagged, punk-style hairstyles protruding from he top of the scarves, and lots of glossy Northern-style lipstick and eyeliner. Some of the fashions back then were even more daring than some seen today, and this is one of them! I love how the hip-hop and punk influences mix in this style.



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