Blonde Hairstyles with Bangs as Part of Manteau Style

Both of these pics came from Tooring 360, and both are close-ups. I adore the girls’ long blonde hair with bangs across the forehead because I myself had this same hairstyle for a number of years (I even came back to it briefly last year after not wearing it for about 4 years, but now I am not wearing it again). I think it looks phenomenal with manteau style, as you can see below.

This girl is wearing all black- a hood or scarf worn lifted up and a black top (manteau? hard to tell). I love her Northern-style make-up- dark eyeliner, heavy blush, and glossy lipstick.

This pic is from 2010, and the girl here wears a grey dress manteau worn over a black long sleeve top. Her look is very familiar to me in winter and spring, as I layer my tunics and even some short tops like this often. She has a unique way of draping her dark navy blue scarf- one half is thrown over the opposite shoulder but left to curve on the chest to reveal as much neck as possible, while the other half hangs down in a straight line. The scarf is also held atop her gorgeous hairstyle using sunglasses.


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