Never Shaming, Always Applauding- Exclusive Manteau Photo Set Part V

(Part 1, 2, 3, 4)
The manteau styles in this installment will showcase a brand new manteau style that blew my mind as well as two unique combinations. The first is this punk/”urban combat”-inspired outfit. From what I see, there is a black snood pushed back and scrunched together to fit tightly to the head with hair dyed a bright red in the front. The girl wears what looks like a beige jacket over a thin purple top over a ….black manteau? Or could this be simply a black miniskirt worn over pants with a top and jacket? Such outfits have been seen occasionally before, for example, here. Her dark grey fitted jeans are tucked into some heavy-duty black laced-up “army” boots, a punk culture staple. This is definitely one of the most rebellious and inventive manteau styles.

In this photo, there are 2 manteau styles (and they also blurred the guy wearing the Chelsea jersey because UK makes “them” “sad”)….The coat at the top of the picture is a nondescript straight line, rather baggy red tunic, worn with jeans and sneakers. The snood is nicely pushed back with a brown hair ribbon to show off some auburn hair, but overall, the outfit is not even that interesting. The girl at the right of the picture has a much more interesting manteau, which looks composed of two parts- a shiny, silver, satiny top with short sleeves (worn over black long sleeved top) and a pink and grey button down skirt. Could this be another case of two separate pieces being worn over pants? Or is the actual manteau the black sleeves and the skirt and the satin blouse is just worn over it? Difficult to say, but I do love the outfit because it is different, plus the plaid silk scarf matches the skirt very well and shows some blond hair, too! Maybe the photographer thought it was some bizarre manteau version of the schoolgirl outfit and got “agitated”……I do not want to know more.

Now to the crowning jewel of the whole collection, the brand new manteau style. Basically, the style here works like this: Take a long, straight-line, monochromatic tunic (n this case, black), preferably a dress manteau without buttons or closures. Put a sexy, low-cut cowl neck top over it (here, it is light faded blue with some metallic decoration at either side of the cowl). Fix your sleeves with straps to show off more arm. Wear a scarf (here, white with black edging) like a ribbon with hair flowing out in the front and in a tall ponytail in the back. Jeans and high-heeled shoes complete the outfit.

Now, why is this cool? Because the cowl tops have an especially important meaning to those following San Fernando Valley culture, as they are one of the staples off “Adult entertainment” inspired clothing! By combining manteau with the San Fernando Valley style, the sexual, democratic nature of manteau style cannot be denied and is proudly affirmed! And this is why I love this style! (I myself have 3-4 cowl tops, and while I do not wear them fully open in public, I wear them with a tank top, tube top, or even a long sleeve shell top underneath. If I had a monochromatic long tunic,. I’d definitely be doing that style too! ).

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