The Most Avant Garde Summer 2011 Manteaus- Part I

These brand new photos showcase THE most cutting-edge summer 2011 manteau trends- note that these pictures were taken by haters of manteaus to prove a point (much like the exclusive set with people in it that I just completed posting yesterday), but now the photos have regained their rightful purpose- to show how gorgeous and fashionable these styles are and to provide a nice tutorial for those who want to find something similar in stores in various parts of the world! There are 3 installments in this set in total.

The first manteau of the set is a white and black dress manteau with a pattern- either flower print or leopard print and what seems like random asymmetrical ruffles here and there. Note that the manteau haters who took the photo circled the sleeve length- the arm below the elbow is revealed. Of course, this should be your preferred length if you want to do a true sexy manteau style and if you have the short-sleeve option, go for this one too! he coat is worn with jeans, as typical, and a gauzy lilac scarf. There is another dress manteau, a dark grey one, in the background, as well as a giant Burberry-print handbag!

These gorgeous manteaus are all short, light, and well-fitted, just as the beautiful American and European tunics sold here are. On the very left, the dark turquoise coat is made of semi-transparent crushed fabric (you can see a white top on the mannequin underneath) and has a beautiful ruffle over the closure. This kind of tunic is what I would wear with either a very revealing top or even a bustier underneath to show off as much skin as possible through the fabric! In the middle is a gorgeous color-block manteau in the style of some coats from the Hooman Galaxy sets- olive green with a wide shawl collar, asymmetrical closure, and brown edging on the sleeves, belt, and hem. Note the use of sleeve straps to lift the sleeve length up when needed. On the right is a blue flower-printed tunic with lots of buttons, elbow-length sleeves, and a square buckled belt- this is the least interesting of the three coats. Various scarves are also in the photo- from coat-matching blue to white and black patterned.

This store window showcases two very beautiful but conventional manteaus (the beige long tunic with the brown and gold belt and the beige, orange, and brown, woven leather-decorated, tunic on the left) and one brand new style that is hugely popular worldwide. It is a brown, orange, and yellow silk poncho-style manteau with open dolman sleeves. The cool thing about these sleeves is that they are cut vertically (as if you are wearing a giant square scarf), which means the sleeve opens vertically and the arms are completely free to move.

This is the only other such manteau I have seen- the pic is from 2010 and next to the girl in the conventional beige manteau and snood is a girl wearing a black and white silk tunic with precisely such sleeves. It is hard to say whether this is an asymmetrical manteau (one open dolman sleeve) or both sleeves are like this. I myself have an asymmetrical grey and black top which has no sleeve on one side and a huge open dolman sleeve (which opens like a giant vertical ruffle) on the other side.

More hot summer 2011 manteau trends are coming soon!


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