An Array of Yellow Manteaus from 2010

For some reason, a bright, slightly orange-tinted yellow color was HUGE for manteaus in 2010. You can already see some examples here and here . However, these manteaus were not only dress-style soft fabric ones; they were of all kinds, from full-skirted trenches to open cardigans to fitted tunics, as illustrated below by a selection straight from Tooring 350, bringing the best manteau style to everyone!

This yellow coat is a much more slimmed down version of the full-skirted trench coat big in 2005-06. Together with skinny jeans and grey flats, it creates a sleek shape. Her handbag is in the famous Burberry plaid print while her silk scarf is chain printed, and I happen to own 1 just like this! Plus, I love those stuffed bears and leopards behind her!

Here, a short, yellow, fully open cardigan is belted very loosely and worn over a black turtleneck and black pants. Unfortunately, the black scarf covers up most of the chest here, which defeats the purpose of wearing an OPEN sweater over a tightly fitted turtleneck to begin with…

This coat is fascinating due to its unique look- it has a huge shawl collar divided into two halves and an asymmetric, high-cut hem. I really like the way it looks with the black pants and the girl’s gorgeous blond hairstyle rising out of the black snood. Note how the snood is tucked into the collar- I have done this myself with some of my more open sweater coats in the winter.

Finally, this is one of Tooring 360’s most popular photos EVER, and with good reason. One of the myriad of comments on this photo (made by a man, obviously) states “Nice airbags”..and he is not talking about the car 🙂 All I can say here is that if a manteau makes a guy say this kind of stuff, well, this manteau is AWESOME, and THIS IS the reaction REAL manteau style should elicit! Also, this is the manteau style I personally want to wear! The way this stretchy manteau with a braided collar fits over the body and the way the belt, located high ob the chest, stretches the fabric over the breasts is phenomenal! Add to this a loosely draped black scarf, gorgeous blond hair, and a beautiful face adorned with glamorous make-up (even purple lipstick), and now you understand that you’re looking at a manteau classic.


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