I’ll Let You Lick The Lollipop…

Yahoo 360 was an invaluable source of exclusive photos of manteau style, starting in 2006, the year I became interested in manteaus…but it shut down in 2009. In 2010-2011, Tooring 360 fulfilled that same role, but then the site was abruptly closed. Sometime in 2011, a new successor entitled Webzzz appeared, and it has become prominent for showcasing manteaus..and since a week ago, I was able to find a way to view photos on Webzzz profiles. I have found some MIND-BLOWING fashions by absolutely stunning women, and I will begin posting these fashions very soon.

The post below features an exclusive photo from Webzzz, showcasing the raw sexual nature of pure manteau style- a girl with waves of golden hair tumbling out of her white scarf with yellow “Double F” print, licking a bright red lollipop seductively. Thia is pure sexy and rebellious manteau style that I adore.

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