Plaid Scarf and Mask

No, this is not one of those photos involving a surgical mask being worn to protect against smog (I have featured a few of those before). This is a photo from that same media expo of a few posts prior, involving a girl in a black manteau and plaid Burberry print scarf and another girl in a red fully open scarf and a special mask that is worn in the Persian Gulf regions (Bushehr usually). These masks are very lavishly decorated and usually come in red and black or black and gold, and they look quite cool in my opinion.


3 thoughts on “Plaid Scarf and Mask

  1. not an Iranian and yet so deep into Iranian society? interested about our cloths? I really have no objection but it makes me so sick to see others give their ideas about democracy in my country while they have no connection to my land. Beside all they have no deep understanding of it! They forget how Africa is starving and burning in fire of civil wars made by democrat super powers!!!I never remember in whole history of Iran or my own experience as an Iranian businesswoman that a foreigner was interested in Iran except for some benefit …they scare me especially when they talk about democracy and freedom. There is always a reason much bigger than mere interest!!! We, whether religious or non religious, can help ourselves the most. If you are interested in Iranian democracy I can provide you with list of doctors in Germany who are trying to file a case against few European governments for testing their chemical weapons on Iranians during Iran-Iraq war… Dont worry! We have no connection with Iranian government but for democracy in Iran the most important thing is not to let a non Iranian to talk one’s own idea about Iranian land. We have seen your care for Afghanistan and Iraq. Thank you! We need our natural resources and any government, however bad and useless, is far better than forced democracy. We are awake and watching. Any change is needed for our land, we do it ourselves and no need of your support.

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