You Know What Is Really Funny?

…when manteau haters come to this blog and look at all these wonderful photos…and then post the same photos, with the same names (!!!!) on their own anti-manteau blogs….I wonder what those sad people really think about. I bet they wish they could wear these clothes- and the funniest thing is, they live in countries where no one gives a shit about what you can wear on the streets, but they create elaborate rules themselves for what they can and can’t wear…why torture yourself? If they were smart, they would join this style, just as I did, and represent it to bring knowledge and awareness of it to millions of people! Oh well…their loss, my win!

Don’t worry, I got some sexy-ass manteau style photos for you, so you can check out what real manteau style is all about!

From dress manteaus worn at Caspian resort beaches….


…to tunics with baseball caps (NO SCARVES!) worn in those same resorts- this is my personal version of the style…


…to scarves that expose all hair and are in a rebellious shade of green….


Do you dare to wear this…? These are THE most avant-garde styles right now, with leggings (known in Tehran as “supports”, from the Support Love webpage!)…bad-ass rebellious style at its best!





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