Styling in the Spring Rain

Spring brings rain showers, and rain showers bring cool manteau style photo sets!

I am somewhat proud to say I have never had the chance to do this yet…referring to wearing plastic bags in order not to get my shoes wet…or to wearing black flower-print leggings…but I do commend this girl for the latter- hot look!


Thus girl is running in the rain in a much more conventional outfit- black manteau, black skinny pants, black and gold Adidas sneakers, and a brown ombre scarf.


Taking shelter from rain in style means rocking a red manteau with a pushed back black snood and matching Burberry-print flats and bag (no scarf though). I have always wanted shoes or boots with this print, but I have never found them…


This girl is not very happy because she is getting soaked, but luckily, her red and brown scarf covers most of her white manteau (most likely, there’s a top under this one!). I do like that the sleeve straps are utilized here to pull the sleeves up above the elbows.


All I have to say is that, thankfully, the classic student outfit is all black, since it is SOAKED. I wonder what the girl is listening to on her MP3 player.


These student outfits are staying fashionably dry under their big umbrellas. Two are the classic black ensembles, while one is different, involving a beige coat with some blue embroidery and a thin bracelet that reminds me of the Green Movement ribbons. The snood on the left seems to be too large for the girl- if you look closely, you can see the pins at the top of the head, which serve to make it tighter!



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