More Rainy Day Styles

Continuing from yesterday’s post, here are more manteau styles from a rainy spring day with lots of umbrellas everywhere…

The next two photos show similar coats- black with colorful embroidery bands on the chest. This one is worn with jeans, black boots, and a silk colorful scarf tied under the chin but still showing a lot of hair.


This manteau is similar but looks more like a wrap dress with some golden swirl embroidery and is worn with a pretty leopard print scarf!


This couple walks proudly holding hands while the woman wears a stylish all-blue outfit (manteau and jeans) worn with a white scarf showing off dark short hair.


The most awesome outfit of the set- a dark blue manteau with some black edging and some pleats on the sleeves and a pushed back black snood..and not just pushed back but placed behind the ear to show off the girl’s glossy dark hair AND her industrial piercing (bar at the top of her ear)- now that’s rebellious!



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