Live From The Northwest

And no, not from Kanye and Kim’s daughter….LOL.! 🙂

Remember this pic from 2013 from the city of Karaj (basically northwestern satellite of Tehran, 2 million people and growing)? Girl with hair blowing in the wind proudly in the street?


Well, there must be something in the water in that city because it has given us two more awesome rebellious girls (only one of them can be considered wearing a manteau style, however). First, here’s a woman in black snood, black manteau with rolled-up sleeves, black skinny pants, and brown flat shoes with some golden decorations driving a motorcycle with the guy hanging on to her legs in the back. A reversal from the typical arrangement, isn’t it? The only thing is the big age difference between the man and the woman- makes me wonder if it’s a financial arrangement thing….


And this blurry pic from Karaj’s OFFICIAL news agency shows (SUPPOSEDLY) a back view of a girl in a red thong….and nothing else…in the street! Of course, they will claim she is mentally ill or drunk or whatever (and maybe she even is), but I believe that, since there are several very civilized countries where being topless is legal in the street and because some pro-democracy women’s groups in Europe use topless protest as a way to express themselves (and, by the way, use it against “body-covering” dress codes), there may be way more to this photo than their news agency wants to say! I commend this girl if she is doing this kind of protest- a true measure of freedom is seeing thousands of girls like this and no one ever attacking them!



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