Some Beautiful Miscellaneous Fashions- Sib, Nell, and Dorna

I have somewhat slacked off on posting the underground label manteaus simply because there are SO many of them now. It used to be that there was only one store (think Seven Allstar or Manto Khatere) posting fashions online- now thanks to Facebook and Instagram, there are hundreds of them, and so many are stunning! The next three fashions are from different labels, but were all angrily derided by hateful “people”- thus, they are proudly posted on this blog!

This manteau comes from a small design company (truly underground, as they do not have a website) called Sib (Apple)- and of course, you can see apples everywhere. The manteau itself is great- a white embroidered tunic paired with red leggings and a scarf tied like as turban with long black hair flowing proudly.


This manteau is from a company called Nell Design, and they do have a Facebook page, but it seems to be specializing in colorful bow tie accessories. Perhaps, there is another Nell Design creating manteau that I could not find, or maybe the bow tie one used to make manteaus on the side too. Of course, it is a beautiful red and white plaid dress manteau with a skirt flying around the knees to show off the black leggings fully (and that bright red hair is awesome!). The sexiness of the outfit is what makes so many sick people seethe with envy.


A very established new label is Dorna Design- they have more than 100 amazing outfits on their site and growing! These black and red and black and green manteaus are from one of their first 2013 collections actually, and they are longer than anything else they’ve done, but you can see why these coats were hated: a)- leggings worn underneath, b) gorgeous red hair displayed by transparent scarves, and c) the ruins behind them look Persepolis-style and that affirms a very globalized identity, something that some people out there cannot bear. To them, I say- there’s more of this coming your way, so get used to it (or go live in a cave)!



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