Because I’m Happy!

Everyone is familiar with Pharrell’s song”Happy” and the YouTube phenomenon it has become. There are millions of “Happy” videos from all around the world…but none was so controversial as the “Happy Tehran Edition” video. The people in it were ARRESTED just for making it, and guess what? There is nothing controversial in the video- no nudity, no drugs. The only thing there is are six young men and women dancing on a rooftop…which proves to me that those who hate manteau style (and there is not a lot of that in the video mainly because they wear regular clothes, and a guy actually puts a scarf on his head for fun!) simply hate women and men who enjoy life and who want to spread positivity and kindness rather than fear and frothing hatred! So, here it is, for all those who want to affirm their happiness!

Here is a link to an article about the video- all participants have been now released.

Check out the Instagram of one of the girls dancing- she is a photographer and is a stunning woman with wonderful photos

P.S. My personal memory of “Happy” is that I first heard it when it JUST came out, on the plane to and back from my honeymoon (the airline we were flying had this awesome radio station system where you could listen to all sorts of genres for hours), and I just knew it would be a hit. It’s a very refreshing summery song with a great retro sound and very cheerful lyrics. To me, it’s always associated with my honeymoon, so when I see someone frothing because of this song, I see it as someone insulting joy and love, and it makes me even more determined to publish on this blog!

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