Styling in the Sand Storm

Yes, apparently, there was a once-in-a-century SAND storm/wind storm in Tehran……I have seen some photos of the storm, and they were incredible- this huge dark apocalyptic cloud of sand, even though the city is very far away from any desert. Some women in beautiful manteaus got caught up in this storm as well, as you can see below.

This girl has a black snood that flew halfway off her head and a beautiful orange coat worn with jeans and flat grey shoes (and check out that mini-fashionista in those shades walking behind her, looking oh-so-cool!)


Here you can see the fine grains of sand flying through the air (this sand storm/wind storm was then followed by a full-blown rainstorm as well) and you can almost feel the howling wind. The fashions are great, from the turquoise coat paired with white pants and scarf to the grey dress manteau worn over a black long-sleeve top and beige pants. My personal favorite is the dusty rose coat in the middle because it is worn with black stretchy leggings!



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