Open Coats and a Flashback to a Concert

I have a couple miscellaneous things to post…originally, I was just going to post a beautiful photo of open (button-less) manteaus. Some idiots out there hate them because they proudly reveal the full outfit underneath…well, you know what that means – I love them! I even have a beige knit one like this myself! The ones here are great too- one is jersey knit and bright yellow, while the rest are silk and flower-printed.


And then,I found a purported statement from a woman who was allegedly featured in a series of crackdown photos that were intended to humiliate those who enjoy underground hip-hop music. These women were arrested at an underground hip-hop concert in North Tehran back in 2010, and their photos were taken with their faces forcibly covered so as to say “You do not exist and do not matter”. I was deeply outraged by this event because I know how underground hip-hop is incredible and serves an important social purpose. In my city, underground hip-hop is an industry in and of itself and disproves many stereotypes created by the media regarding “hood life”. It has been a tremendous force for change in myself, making me confront so many things about myself that I could not deal with for YEARS! So, I created beautiful defiant crackdown banners which you can see below to show love and support for these women!




And now, let us hear one of these women (she is very careful about concealing her identity, and I understand why- that sick government is probably watching her) speak about her experience in her own words.

They arrested us for being ourselves and wearing the way we pleased. Then they took a photo of us and posted it with pride on their websites numerous times . How do I dare now to look into the camera and take a photo to show that I do not like the compulsion? I am even deprived of this stealth freedom
The girl who got humiliated over and over again as the photo of her arrest got published countless times
Hoping for the day they arrest thieves (possibly referring to the big thieves who hold the power over the country) instead of us!

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