Hafez Movie Prize Part I- They Wanted It, They Got It!

This was actually an award show for movies/TV shows, from what I understand, and some idiots out there posted hateful “exposes” of the glamorous manteaus styles worn….well, over here, we don’t tolerate that kind of attitude- and we will give them exactly what they wanted- a gorgeous compilation of super-glamorous outfits from the show. I mean, if the movie prize is NAMED after a guy who opposed tyranny and always advocated freedom from oppression, what did you expect people would wear?

The girl in blue is stunning- the red hair, the long nails, the beautiful face! The black manteau on the left boasts some cool ruffles on the chest (and the curly blond hair is fully seen, of course!).


More lovely low-draped scarves showing off glossy, shiny, soft hair- oh, did I say that? HAHAHA! I wonder what does to “them” the more you say it! 🙂 The outfit with the grey and green reminds me of some of my own outfits…


…and here’s a larger view of it. I would wear a long sweater over this green dress manteau, but this girl wears a suit jacket. The outfit on the right is a little too strange for me- a blue and white polka-dot suit jacket over a long white blouse and a scarf tied under the chin, in the vintage 2003-05 style…


There are at least 3 different flower prints here…I love the effort, but this hurts my eyes. What I do appreciate is the black loose scarf showing off blond curls adorned with a yellow hair ribbon.


Simple black outfit is brightened up by a cute and kind smile!


THIS IS HOW YOU SHOULD WEAR A SCARF AS A WOMAN! Beauty and sexiness are the words here – no further comments.


Very interesting concept for a coat- black trench coat with a light yellow crocheted applique panel over one half of the chest and one sleeve….hmm, I wonder if there’s a bigger view of this?


..and there it is! And it is worn as a dress over black opaque tights with black high-heeled shoes and black scarf showing off red hair. Those who hate this coat need to get their heads checked.


This coat actually has faces printed on it and is worn with a semi-transparent scarf- how cool is that? Plus, I LOVE the turquoise coat on that gorgeous blond girl in the background- too bad there is no photo of this.


Tomorrow, I will post Part 2 of the outfits from this awesome movie prize…

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