Hafez Movie Prize Part II- Even More Cool Outfits!

Continuing from Part I, here are the rest of the awesome outfits from the Hafez Movie Prize ceremony- I can’t believe someone out there hates them!

The first “coat with skirt” outfit is below, and that black tiered skirt is quite the masterpiece (as is the beautiful bright GREEN coat with purple circular embroidery and slits on the side)- could it be that the meaningful colors of the coat elicit “them” to hate it? If so, I hope they keep hating until they explode!


This black coat with beige lining turned outwards is very similar to some of the Deja Vu Designs/Aida Rahimi coats posted previously…but you know it’s not the coat they hate, it’s the fact the girl kisses her prize, and anytime they see a woman licking or kissing any large object…uhhh, let’s not even go there! It says way more about them than about her..


This is a close-up, but this girl is just stunning with her blond hair, lovely make-up, and delicate pearl detailing on the brown coat. I actually wish I had something like this!


I like this orange coat due to its eye-catching applique on the chest and high-cut hem. The beige trench coat is a bit more conventional, but at least, she’s got a cool turquoise bracelet…


At first, I thought this was a denim coat, but it’s actually just a navy blue fabric with a pattern paired with a burnt orange, draped scarf. Since the leather belt on the coat is also burnt orange, this combination actually works. I believe this is also a “coat with skirt” outfit, but I couldn’t find a full view of it.


That silk embroidery on the coat’s cuffs and closure looks Japanese- I like it a lot. The bright orange patterned scarf doesn’t really go with it, though.


The cool thing about this beige coat is that it’s fully open, showing off the black top and gold disk necklace underneath! The collar on this coat is like a deflated version of this collar


And finally, yet another “coat with skirt” outfit, featuring T-strap sandals, an orange striped vest,a black tunic and skirt, black leggings under the skirt, and a black scarf with gold studs. I love it…except the vest- it’s a little too bright for this outfit.


Hope you enjoyed these awesome and inventive outfits!


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