Summer 2014 Manteaus – A Burst of Color Part I

Part 1 of this photo set of summer 2014 manteau styles warms my heart immensely- I have never seen SO many bright-colored styles all at once before!

The black and red geometric-print and the dolman-sleeve flower-printed tunics are awesome and take me back to the days of soft jersey dress manteaus back in 2006-08 (the dolman-sleevd tunic is worn with super-modern shiny leggings though). There is also an awesome orange and blue plaid manteau paired with bright blue pants,…and so many awesome cowl-neck tops (that style is one of my favorites).


There is an interesting dress manteau in this picture, grey with a black circular neck and some black and white patterns on the hem and sleeves. The pink cowl neck top is pretty awesome, I must say..


I thought the mannequin looks like a man, which is strange (although I could see why they may have put it on a mannequin like this)…but the red and white plaid tunic without closures is pretty.


The blue and white plaid tunic has cool black inserts everywhere and a thin gold belt…but my eyes are drawn to the fuchsia dress manteau with huge gold studs and a draped neckline. Why can’t we have tunics like this here????


Finally, I am amazed by the three awesome tunics below! On the left is a classic jersey tunic in red with zebra-like inserts and dolman sleeves. In the middle is an awesome creation- it is basically a top built into a sweater! The top has red leopard print sections and ruffles on the hem, and the sweater is open and burgundy (I have both a long burgundy open cardigan AND a long red leopard print tunic, so I can sort of recreate this look). Finally, on the right….a grey poncho manteau with Burberry plaid edging- what could be more stunning than this? NOTHING!


Part II is coming tomorrow- your jaw will drop!

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