Summer 2014 Manteaus – a Burst of Color Part II

Yesterdays, you saw Part I of these amazing summer 2014 manteaus- I am just astounded by the amount of bright, happy colors in this set.

Below is one of those awesome “scrunched/twisted hem” tunics, in black, worn with red and white plaid pants. I have seen these tunics a few times before (most notably, here, here, and here), and it’s nice to see that they are still around.


This black and red kimono-style manteau with spherical patterns is perfect for those that are into Japanese fashion.


Leggings are the most avant-garde and rebellious element of current manteau style, and it’s great to see them everywhere…especially in bright, eye-catching patterns such as galaxy swirl (which I personally do not have) and leopard (which I do have). Even the basic black leggings are well-represented here, worn with a beautiful black manteau with red and green silk panels on the puffed sleeves.


Yes, this is a Bushehr mask being worn with a kimono-style manteau in bright orange and blue graffiti-style print…how cool is that????


This photo offers a full view of the graffiti-print kimono. With its blue edging and the orange pants it is worn with, it is probably the most colorful manteau-style outfit I have seen this year (and one of the most colorful ever!). The turquoise manteau has a pretty belt (and reminds me of a tunic I used to have), while the yellow manteau has a beautiful deep-V neckline decorated with some bright colors.


Overall, this is one of the best fashion sets in manteau style so far- and I am very excited to see these kinds of colors and styles!


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