Some Awesome Close-ups

Sometimes I just feel like posting some random close-ups of girls in cool manteaus….so there you go!

This is a classic Burberry plaid silk scarf with blue edging, with red hair flowing through the front…these used to be huge in 2006-07 just when I got into the manteau styles.


Leopard print vs Burberry plaid print- two prints battling….which one is winning, in your opinion?


This scarf showcases another one of my favorite prints, the chain print…and it’s pushed back to show off long diamond earrings and blond hair.


Black manteau is fully unbuttoned and has a midriff-revealing top underneath (plus the black scarf exposes most of the girl’s blond hair!)..


Sorry for the really blurry pic, but I do like how the silk scarf is tied back to show off the butterfly hair pin and the red hair!


The lavender manteau is fairly regular (it is unbuttoned at the top to show a t-shirt underneath), but I like how the white scarf is worn fully open- the girl’s elegant metal earrings are fully visible.


That red manteau is sheer (you can see a bustier or maybe even a bra through it) and the dark burgundy scarf just enhances the lovely black curls. This girl definitely has a Rihanna-inspired style going on, and I love it!!!!


The blue dot-pattern sweater manteau is nice, but it’s the hair and the amazing make-up that I am really fascinated with…the heavy eyeliner and light pink lipstick I myself wear. This is not typical “Northern make-up”, which can get a little garish sometimes, but rather a calmer and classier version of it.



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