Playing in the Water

It’s funny that both of these ladies happen to have young sons with them and are having fun splashing in the water, even though one is at a fountain in an urban park and the other is at a Caspian sea shore resort (which looks stunning with its clear skies, white sand, and blue shimmering water).

The urban fountain photo shows a burnt orange manteau with a wrap neckline and slightly brighter scarf (as well as white sandals)….




…while the Caspian resort photo shows an awesome black, gold, and red swirl print manteau, long (and thus worn over black skinny pants), and vaguely kimono-sleeved…reminds me a bit of this awesome coat. The white scarf is pushed back to show off lovely auburn hair…and of course, great to see kids having fun in the water….the urban fountain part reminds me of being a kid myself! 🙂



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