Northern Student Camps- Having Fun and Looking Cool!

I had planned to post these earlier in the summer, but I had forgotten about these photos. These were not “camps” per se but more like day retreat trips for university students to the Caspian resort areas. Of course, someone out there had a problem with it. After all, happy young men and women, talking to each other, laughing, having fun, and being friends, and representing a great sense of fashion..isn’t that so dangerous? Only to those who live a hateful, bleak, and meaningless life! This photo set is for them- you wish you were chilling in the woods or by a lake, laughing with a friend, don’t you?

Most of the girls’ outfits here are typical student outfits- black manteau, black pushed-back snood, and jeans…


..A couple of the girls here wear more colorful manteaus, like pink and black with red…and I have to say, the lake and mountains behind them are stunning! I cannot wait until the day the whole world will be able to visit them freely, and they become a luxurious resort for all!


The orange flame-like thing is a logo from some “news site”…not sure what they are trying to say here.


I applaud and stand with these students for having fun and being themselves!



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