New Styles from the Artists’ Garden

Every year now, I seem to find a new set of awesome manteau styles from the Artists’ Garden in North is the latest one!

I think these are the most stunning outfits of the whole set – that green and red outfit features a) a red skirt (!!!) and b) the color green in lovely (and meaningful) shades, while the blond girl in the black coat, leggings, and green and red scarf is simply gorgeous (and kind of looks like me)…


These two girls are walking in some of the best pants to ever grace manteau style- leggings (worn with beige manteau) and harem pants (worn with navy manteau)! Usually, harem pants look strange with manteau style, but in this case, I think they look great!


This couple is happy..and looks great too- the coral manteau and peach scarf are certainly a very trendy combination of colors.


I am still trying to figure out whether the girl in the navy blue manteau and olive green scarf is wearing very wide-legged pants or a skirt. I can see the girl in the black manteau has grey leggings on, and I think that’s awesome.


Sometimes, one needs to take time to smell the roses…by a beautiful reflecting pool. The manteaus are pretty simple – two black, one red and navy plaid- but the low draped scarves are perfectly styled.


This guy is lucky to be surrounded by 5 lovely ladies by that same reflecting pool. Not all outfits are visible, but among those that are, there is a nice fuchsia manteau with contrasting cuffs, dark green manteau (of course, I love it), and a great combination of a black coat and bright red attention-drawing scarf on the very right.


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