Snoods from the Expo- Part II

(Part I)

Here is the second part of the huge set of snoods from many different expos that seemed to elicit some hatred from idiots with too much time on their hands. Take for example the girl below wearing a navy belted manteau and black snood. Why is her face so laboriously blurred? Could it be because her golden hair is visible? REALLY?


I am not sure what this product is- “Ultra Compact More Hygienic Life” could by a number of things, from tissues to sanitizer, and this could be a number of expos too. Judging by the Turkish flag on the table, it looks like this is the same expo as the one where this photo from Part I was taken. Plus, the girls are wearing company uniforms of navy blue coats, black snoods, and white scarves similar to the ones worn in that photo. Once again, it’s the glossy stylish hair that leads to this idiots’ blurring – they are terrified of it as if they are going to melt when they touch it or see it!


Here’s one with a blurred CUSTOMER – they really tried on that one! The logos behind these girls are from a Turkish group of companies called Hayat Kimya which produce diapers and other hygienic products. The girls wear navy coats and black snoods (perhaps, these are the same girls as in the previous photo, although no white scarf is visible) and the customer wears a bright red scarf pushed back by sunglasses and some kind of colorful coat.


I am not sure what this expo is, and the white manteau looks like a lab coat (which is why I never wear long white tunics myself. The skinny beige pants and black flats are SO me though (as is the pushed back black snood showing off lovely blond hair)! I have to say the antique table and the professor-looking guy give a pretty sophisticated vibe to this booth.


Now we’re on to the carpet expo…the customer wearing an interesting plaid coat of multiple shades, black pants, cork sandals, and white scarf luckily did not get blurred as she was mostly facing the lovely carpet! Unfortunately, the girl in the booth was blurred…and she is wearing a navy company uniform (snood + coat) and a light blue satin neck scarf. Why the blurring? Could it be the glossy red hair? How predictable can you be?


In this miscellaneous unknown expo photo of two girls wearing blue coats and black pushed back snoods, the blond girl is especially beautiful! I can’t imagine what goes through the heads of those assho0les that blur them. I hope they like their treatment in photos here, that’s all I got to say!


There are more photos from this set coming..and they are even better…stay tuned!


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