Monroe Manteau

This style of coat looks like something straight outta the Tehran Times blog, but it is not…actually it was taken by someone who hates manteau style in order to humiliate this girl- well, did it ever backfire! Yes, this is a black square-ish coat (most likely, this is an open cardigan in the front) with multiple Marilyn Monroe prints! Of course, this coat harkens back to Andy Warhol’s pop art, but what would manteau haters know about that? To them, the fact that Marilyn Monroe is still a sex symbol makes them go insane, which means this manteau is doing its job perfectly, and I love it for that! Plus, the black scarf is semi-diaphanous and is perched above a super-tall hairstyle…so here’s one more proud affirmation of the sensual nature of true manteau style. If you hate this coat, congratulations – you have zero cultural significance whatsoever! If you love it…..keep it up!


P.S. I wish there was a front view..I think there is much more to this awesome outfit than what we see.


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