Striped and Flowery Coats

This is a throwback to 2012…and still there is a touch of modern manteau style- namely, what looks like purple leggings on the girl wearing the flowery manteau and black snood. There is also a striped coat worn with a bright green scarf, which is itself a sort of throwback to 2009…and which brings back a fond memory of a just-above-the-knee striped button-down tunic I used to have, with this exact pattern. I loved wearing it in the summer with jeans (no leggings available back then)- it was so light and breezy…



3 thoughts on “Striped and Flowery Coats

  1. Hi… my name is Linda. i’ve been having my eyes on this pushed back snoods for quite sometimes. I’m actually from Malaysia and i would like to purchase it online if there is any. can you please advise me if there is any online shop / website selling this snood ?

    • Hi Linda,

      Thank you for your comments. Unfortunately, I am not sure what stores in Malaysia would sell them. Many global stores, like H&M or Forever 21, sell circle scarves/snoods. The “pushed back” is simply how a girl person chooses to wear them- to reveal lots of hair. American Apparel sells the best quality snoods in my opinion, so try their website (

      Hope this helps,

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