Snoods from the Expo- Part III

(Part I, Part II)

Most of the photos in this set come from a carpet expo and thus feature both amazing fashions and stylish carpets! The girl below exemplifies this, with her lovely bright yellow manteau, black leggings, black ankle strap shoes, and a black snood pushed back to show lovely blond hair. Is it me, or is the manteau hem cut really high? That’s pretty cool!


It looks like the same booth at the carpet expo since everyone is wearing a black snood and yellow coat (and the snood seems to have a logo in the right hand bottom corner). Also looks like the girl from the photo above is talking to prospective customers in the background. I have to say- this is definitely a uniform for the company, but it is one of the best ones That I’ve seen!


This is a more basic “black coat and snood” outfit (also probably a uniform), but the addition of a cream colored ribbon insert into the snood draws attention to the head and hair..and those carpets are unbelievable!


This one is from a miscellaneous expo, and once again, we see a snood with a ribbon insert- this time, a white snood with a blue ribbon. These “ribbon snoods” are not new- here is a photo of one from a similar food expo photo set I posted last year. Observe how the last 3 snoods are worn- tucked behind the ears (to show off hair, neck, and ears).


This looks like a children’s furniture expo- and there’s another snood tucked behind the ears (in black) and a black manteau with a gold design on the hem, black leggings, and loafers.


Just to see the cool design on the coat, here’s a closer view. Love the way the snood shows off platinum blond hair – hate the way some assholes blur it!


There are still more photos from this set! Stay tuned.


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