Waving Off the Flies

Whiteflies are tiny insects who can potentially do some harm to many useful plants. Apparently, some Tehran parks were inundated with them…which led to the next few photos of girls in classic manteau styles waving off the tiny annoying creatures (note: the flies are so lightly colored that they are not really visible in the photos..I did, however, see a photo of glass filled with tea and lots of these white flies floating in it..ugh).

When the flies surround you, the snood can go up over the lower half of the face- note the exposed glossy black hair and elbows- these tell you that this is a true manteau style! The black snoods and coats are most likely typical student outfits.


Wheeling a suitcase through a park, this redhead waves away the flies, while wearing a black manteau with a chain belt on (throwback to 2003-05) and a green scarf with chain print. This particular scarf became huge in 2012 and continued in through 2013 to 2014!


Finally, these two girls are reading some thick textbooks while wearing awesome outfits- a red manteau with appliques and a black scarf perched atop a tall hairstyle on the right..and a beautiful beige manteau with some pleated ruffles on the chest and red pants (yes, red!) as well as a brown scarf pushed back by sunglasses on the left. And of course, they are waving away the flies too!



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