Brown Manteau With Blue Sleeves at “Elecomp”

This photo comes from an electronics/computer/telecommunications expo called “Elecomp” and features a girl standing in front of a booth for Zaeim , which turns out to be an electronics/IT company in North Tehran…this girl is wearing a brown manteau that has dark blue sleeves, and it does not look like this is a different-colored top underneath it. In other words, the bottom half of the sleeves is blue- now that is strange…but looks pretty cool. The manteau has some ties at the front and is worn with jeans, grey sneakers, and a pushed-back snood – looks comfortable to me!



One thought on “Brown Manteau With Blue Sleeves at “Elecomp”

  1. […] The outfit itself is pretty basic- a black parka coat with a furry hood and a black pushed-back snood- but the make-up is awesome (especially that bright red lipstick!) as is the fact that this outfit comes from an expo called “Elecomp”, which is dedicated to electronics and computers, of course! In fact, this is only the second time I have found a cool outfit from this expo (the first one happened in 2014 and can be seen here). […]

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