Snoods from the Expo – Part IV

(Part I, Part II, Part III)

Here are more awesome outfits from some miscellaneous expos. In this set, you can see that they laboriously blurred out some of the customers’ faces as well because they had great manteau style too…as is the case below, where both the beautiful blond-haired customer with her bright blue scarf pushed back to show off her hair and the exhibitor with her black snood with a purple scarf attached to the bottom (part of her uniform) and matching nail polish get blurred. Haha….your stupid blurring backfired on you- everyone loves these girls!


Oh my….this is called “my look in the spring, fall, and winter”…i.e. a hat over a snood (and still hair showing)!!! Only thing is that I do not own a white hat- mine are black,navy, or leopard print..but I do own a black snood and a blue coat like this! This is so modern and even gangsta a bit- a truly bad-ass look and the essence of true manteau style that I adore!


Another double-blurring photo…neither the slightly more somber dark blue manteau and black snood of the exhibitor nor the bright, cheerful yellow silk manteau and multicolored silk scarf tied low to show off blond hair of the customer could please them…like the lyric goes, “Haters, if that don’t please you, I don’t need you”.


Here, the customer didn’t get blurred, even though her hair is visible, because her hair and scarf are both dark, and perhaps they thought one blends into the other…but rest assured, there is beautiful hair on display! The exhibitor did get blurred, although her hair is less visible than the customer’s! Ridiculous or what? Looks like the exhibitor is wearing one of those uniform snoods with a thin contrasting silk scarf woven through it, in white and blue. And of course….the miniature fashionista in the stroller with that flower-print sleeveless dress…lovely!


The girl at the booth in her slightly baggy but short navy tunic and pushed back snood got blurred, unfortunately, but the girl in the foreground did not because she was facing with her back to the camera..yet her outfit is actually way better…and she has a tall hair cone holding up her black scarf that is visible from the front. Her manteau is just amazing- black with a blue printed silk insert on the back and the hem is scrunched up a bit to show more leg!


One more set to go from this series….can’t wait!


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