Snoods from the Expo- Part V

(Parts 1, 2, 3, 4)

Finally, here is the last installment of this huge and wonderful set!

I think this is from the children’s expo, as the lady is explaining about strollers…and she is wearing a “creative” manteau from blue silk with wide sleeves edged with pink satin and a black snood…and she still gets blurred…argh!


A conversation at a booth for is blurred for both exhibitors and customers, who look beautiful (and actually because they look beautiful) in glamorous, pushed back scarves and snoods. Instead of blurring faces laboriously, enjoy their gorgeousness and be happy for once!! By the way, Padidehshop seems to be selling beautiful wall decorations for children’s rooms- they look great!


Another company uniform is featured here, with a black coat and black snood with a yellow scarf attached to the bottom to be tied in a bow. The main feature here is the girl’s lovely blond hair proudly showing!


Hahaha….someone forgot to blur one of the exhibitors! Perhaps, they were too busy looking at her gorgeous long braid of hair flowing from underneath uniform snood (black with red scarf attached). Should’ve just left that blurring tool alone and focused on something useful! By the way, the customer’s chain print scarf is awesome as well, since it is one of my favorite prints.


This company uniform involves a grey snood with a light pink scarf attached at the neck, and the strangest thing to me is the silver hair color of the woman in the foreground. Is she older (the face looks young….maybe if someone wasn’t using that blurring tool so often, I could tell!), or is she one of those young people that dyes his/her hair grey for fun? We’ll never know, I guess. Also, the customer in the background has a pretty awesome blue patterned manteau, but it’s too far away to see clearly, unfortunately.


The final shot of of two girls at the carpet expo sitting at the Behrang Carpet booth. No idea why these regular outfits- black and grey coats with black pushed-back snoods- were blurred, but perhaps, it is better for me not to delve into idiotic minds too much…


That’s all for the expo set for now…I hope to see more beautiful, NON-BLURRED expo outfits soon!


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