Seven Times Awesome

I just love these multiple-styles photos (I have some that go all the way up to TEN manteaus!) because they provide a great overview of all the diverse manteau style combinations! This photo is one of the best- just look at what we have, starting from left.

1) This is a more “regular” style, other than the bright red pants- it involves a black coat, sandals, and a flowery rectangular scarf showing off red hair.

2) Black long manteau over skinny pants (or leggings) with a scarf draped loosely and showing off lots of dark-red-highlighted curls- a slightly goth and edgy version of the classic “skinny pants and long tunic” style.

3) All-beige casual outfit with a low-draped red scarf and a big smile to make it more lively.

4) What looks like a typical student outfit (black manteau, black snood pushed back to show off hair and large earrings, black Mary Jane shoes) until you look down at the pants and….it’s harem pants (not the typical jeans)! This is a first for me- I have to say, I never imagined harem pants with this style before.

5) Super-modern style (my favorite)- longer coat, black leggings, and silk chain-print scarf tied low- one of my favorites and can NEVER ever go wrong!

6) Another “long tunic and skinny pants” style- this one looks more like an asymmetric hem/waterfall cardigan-type thing. I love the blue leopard scarf though.

7) Beige manteau with lovely thin pleats on the chest, worn with jeans, and patterned gauzy scarf- classic and simple..and it works. I have a tunic with this kind of pleating myself!



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