Amazing All-Leopard Outfit

One thing you never have to worry about with true manteau style is that it looks “cheap” or “dirty” or, as some people call some clothes, “frumpy”…. that is the antithesis of what manteau is all about! As you can see below from this AWESOME outfit from Support Love, real manteau style is always classy, eye-catching, SEXY (it must be!), and meaningful! Since leopard print is my favorite print, I am in awe of that all-leopard outfit in the foreground (and that scarf is worn perfectly on her lovely blond hair)…AND I also love the swirl-print leggings on the girl in the middle and the basically non-existent scarf on the girl on the right. THIS is true 2014 manteau style- and if you’re looking for a style that does emphasize your body in a glamorous and meaningful way, this is the one for you!


7 thoughts on “Amazing All-Leopard Outfit

    • And your point is what, exactly?????

      1) This is a manteau style blog- why exactly should I care about the occupation of the people wearing the clothes? This blog is about fashion!!!!!

      2) True manteau style is sexual- hope you understand!

      3) Does that mean you’d pay money to have sex with girls in outfits like this? Good to know that! I wish I had an all-leopard outfit like this back when I was single (I actually do have a multitude of leopard items, but none of it matches exactly with each other, like this girl’s style does!).

      4) Anything positive to say?????????

      • LOL, some one is angry here!

        My point is that this is very cheap(at least in Iran) and not a fashionable dress in any way , I can’t even believe that someone would wear this in public in Iran!

        2) What do you mean by ”true manteau style”?! and why does it have to be sexual? Iran is a traditional country and society doesn’t accept such kind of behavior,also women should not be only seen for sexuality, in Iran a woman who dresses up like this will not get any respect and men will only try to use her and take advantage of her.

        3) I would never pay some one for sex and these girls look very cheap and awful(not classy at all), I haven’t even seen prostitutes like these in Tehran!

        4) Yeah, at least she got balls to go out like this!

  1. I don’t wish to argue with you- you have the right not to like it or to feel it looks cheap, but others have a right to love this style and to copy it!

    P.S. FYI, your country needs modernization badly!!!! In fact,the young people are starving for modernization, which is why some of the manteau styles are so outrageous!! Don’t worry- I also came from a country that constantly has issues with modern culture, so I understand. However, I do not live there, and I see what true modern culture is and why it is so beneficial (note: not all “Western” culture is truly modern either- certain kinds of counterculture are; however, those kinds of counterculture are the ones despised by many countries). That is the last thing I will say about this issue!

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