Newspaper Expo Styles

It’s rare that I see good outfits from this particular expo (concerned with newspapers/magazines mostly), but this year, things are very different…lots of great manteaus abound! The classic olive military coat below is decorated with a lively black and white scarf covered with flowers and diamonds (and the black pushed back snood, which is another classic, of course).


The burgundy (or wine, or oxblood..whichever you prefer) coat below is beautiful- it’s made of shiny satin material. Such manteaus are quite rare, and I think this kind of fabric suits them well, as it is formal and stretchy to fit the body better.


The dreaded selfie has made it to this expo as well! 🙂 The outfit is pretty cool though- the dark green manteau has two rows of big brass buttons and bright green polka dot cuffs asnd amtchexd the green patterned scarf, while the girl’s companion wears a shirt with a plaid Burberry-print collar.


You know winter is coming when you see the “big jacket over manteau” combination- the jacket here is bright blue while the manteau is navy blue.


I am really loving this orange sweater coat with a ruffled asymmetric hem- it’s gorgeous, and the color fits this girl’s skin ton so well. Her long black braid flows from underneath the black snood, while her black pants are cut above the ankle to show a bit of leg while she’s sitting down-looks awesome!


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