Four Glamorous Styles

I love these group photos- they are very popular in Support Love, for example. Many of these have numbers because the posters of these photos will ask people whom they consider the most beautiful, and they have to state the number of the girl. This is one such photo, and before I express which outfit I consider the MOST beautiful (which is tough because, let’s face it, I love them all!), I will say that this is the first time I have seen so much tanning (hopefully, spray-on!) in one photo.

Now, let’s see- we’ve got…
1) Brown short tunic over black longer tunic, black leggings, awesome brown open-toe platform sandals, and brown scarf (possibly with a flower and diamond pattern) draped around long blond hair..and of course heavy “Northern style” make-up!…

2) Yellow manteau with sleeves above the elbow (like my own yellow tunic!) and leopard edging, black leggings and flats, and a black silk scarf tied very low so that long black hair can flow…

3) Black waterfall cardigan with a colorful silk scarf covering most of the top underneath (yet still exposing long black hair), bright green leggings, and studded white gladiator sandals…


4) Another waterfall or asymmetric hem white manteau with black flower print, jeans, loafers, and black scarf pushed far back.

What would you prefer?


P.S. My personal favorite outfit is…………………………#3! I think it is the most inventive and memorable of the 4, and it is very much my style (with the scarf tied low and worn around the shoulders!). Outfit #2 comes a close 2nd for the same reason.


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