The Sign of Winter

The surest sign of winter for this blog is the resurgence of the (in)famous “hoodie over manteau” or “short jacket over manteau” combination! While esthetically not pleasing, it is functional and warm, and yes, I have been known to do that occasionally with some of my tunics and various hoodies.

Here’s a bright pink jacket (looks like Adidas with those blue stripes on the shoulders) worn over a blue manteau with jeans and a black scarf showing off red hair (by the way, I love that black coat with the furry collar in the background….more furry collars below).


…and here’s a grey hoodie with some pink writing worn over an olive green manteau, with black pants and matching snood and sneakers with huge Nike symbols on them. Both outfit have been quite sporty so far.


In contrast, this outfit is more formal and super-stylish, with the reddish-brown leather jacket being decorated with a gorgeous huge fur collar! It is worn over a longer black manteau with white stitching, jeans, pink sneakers (the only downside to the outfit), and a black snood tucked into the collar yet still pushed back. There are cucumbers in the bag and beautiful tile patterns behind the girl- what more can you ask for? 🙂


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