Black Coats, Black Skinny Pants- Two Outfits

I am on vacation now for the last 2 weeks of the year…it feels good to just relax and enjoy my time with my husband and my family. I feel somewhat strange as well because I feel that a couple people I was really admiring for many years have become so distant from me…sometimes, I wonder why people prefer to hide their true selves and mislead others about who they are instead of being as honest as possible. I came to terms with some important things about myself when I realized that those people I knew were struggling with the same issues, yet those same people refused to admit their issues publicly, and I could never develop my relationship with them because I could never get through to their “true self”. In the end, I felt like I grew so much because of them, but they could not and cannot appreciate it…what can I say? Perhaps, one day, they will understand it….

Anyway, just wanted to get these philosophical musings out of my system…and post a couple cool outfits, both involving black manteaus and skinny pants. The lace-print scarf is beautiful, and so is the girl herself!


This outfit is pretty cool as well- especially the brown velvet pants tucked into tall brown boots and the scarf pushed back…so awesome!


P.S. I think the song below describes my feelings the best right now. Any music video shot in NYC = instant win! The clothes in this video is my typical style (I don’t wear just manteau-inspired things, after all)! 🙂


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